Monday, June 04, 2007

Legend of the Silver Shadow!

Congrats to Amatay for taking down the Britbloggerment game last night after a titanic heads up battle with Miasdad ( Spid).

Last week, the Champion of last years World Poker blogging tourney, joined us ( Daleroxxu) and won it.This week we had poker highstakes blogging legend,Bluescouse, playing and for a while it looked like he was going to take it down.

I was never in with much of a shout myself as I seemed to be card dead and nursing a shortstack for most of the game.I finished 5th in the end after pushing my shortstack preflop with A7 and running into Tans AQ.

I'm off to Ibiza for 8 nights on Friday and although I planned to use a net terminal at the hotel ,I fear I wont be able to download the software and I may have to miss my first ever Britblogger game.Hummmf!

I only played in that one game last night after my 6am finish on Sunday morning left me exhausted, although after reading Doubleas' latest post and chatting to Bluescouse I do feel more refreshed and motivated to push on a bit.

I realised I'd actually become a little bored with poker and was becoming too easily distracted by blogs and general net surfing whilst at the tables.I'm also a lazy git and although $50nl is fairly abc stuff,you still have to pay attention to retain the proper edge.

The other factor holding me back from pushing a few boundaries is my own ego.I'm quite happy to be a winning low level cash and sng player but when I'm not trying to push myself out of my comfort zone then I can always dream that I may be able to make it higher because I've never failed at it.

Another reason is that after late nights at the weekend and a tough working day ,I often feel too tired to play and don't hit the tables until I feel semi-alert and that seems to be from 10pm.The strange thing is that once I get into my poker groove,I could ( and do some weekends) play all night!

Righty enough witterings for a Monday.Just time to thanks the recent visitor to my blog who came by after searching for "hi-tec Silver Shadows are cool".
They are indeed my friend! I deviated from the chosen path at the weekend with a pair of non shadows and my feet are a hurtin'. Long live the Silver Shadow!!

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At Monday, 04 June, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

I can't believe you are missing the bloggerment!!! The co-founder of the event is going to miss one------ oh no!!!! How can you ever be a mighty oak if yiou decide to deviate from your poker path with trivial things such as holidays... ;o) hahahaha

It's great to see these celebs turning up, but my favourite part is still the banter with all the regulars... by far!!!

Anyways, glad to see a new vigour for the game returning mate. I wish you some success!



At Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers BM.I'm still gonna call the hotel and see if they got wireless.Not sure the Mrs wouldn't do her nut if that was a goer so I reckon I will be out!

Gives you donkeys a better chance though eh :-)))

At Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

it would be a shame not to have that dead money in the tourne!

At Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

missing the tourny - wow!!
I think you should still register and sit out - I mean, think of the laughs you can have when you finish ahead of Mik!!


At Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah cheers Juice!!

Good plan MD.It would give me great satisfaction sitting supping my beer on holiday knowing you lot were all madly folding to avoid going out before me and gaining the monkey!! hehehehe

At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...


I think we should mwork together if Acorn sits out and steal a few blinds off him and then blind him out so that he HAS to have the monkey!!!!!!

I agree that it will be a shame not to have the dead money and considering I am on form at the moment its a damned shame!!!!!!!


Well I hope you have a great holiday anyway mate.



At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Never fear BM,the dead money shall return next week!!

Give me a shout if your looking for somewhere to stay whilst in Scotland btw.( I know some good hotels hehehe)

The Mrs goes away for a week on Sat 30th.....


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