Friday, September 28, 2007

Party on....

I've got Nacho until Sunday and after taking him a long walk yesterday I made myself a pasta/meatballs dinner and hit the tables.

I played a couple of $6 sngs with Rosie and failed to make the money in either.After Rosie headed off I stepped up and played a $27 ,18 player turbo and took it down for a much needed confidence booster.I've played a few $27's recently and managed 3rd and 4th place finishes so it was nice to actually win one.

The cash tables were calling and after looking round for a juicy game I fired up two Party $100nl full ring tables and left for bed at 4am up $200 and feeling good about my game.As ever after a winning session the hands all seem to blur a little, whereas if I'd lost the beats would have been haunting me in my sleep!

This hand was one of my favourites, as the big stacked villain had been pushing the table around and I seemed to be the only exception to this, as he gave me most of my profit at that table.

If I could just make $350 every night I'd be a happy Acorn!

Todays plan is to give Nacho a good run out before playing the Raisetheriver league game at 8.30 followed by a 2000 player point $20k freeroll at Laddies at 9.30.If my play is anything like last weeks I wont have to worry about multi-tabling as I'll be out before the nine o'clock news!

Ok,that's about it for now.Don't forget to register for Sundays bloggerment at Stars.There's only me and Blue Scouse registered so far so I reckon I could be looking at another 2nd place finish unless anyone else signs up!

Find it by clicking the tourney tab at Stars followed by the Private option.It starts at 4pm est in the Stars lobby.( 9pm bst).Password is donkament and it's only $5.50.I wouldn't usually advise seeking out tough games but the standard is pretty decent ( most of the time!) for $5.50 and a good test for any player.Forget the Bellagio,this is the real "Big Game"! Oh and please steal ( or make up your own) banner to pimp it! Thanks!

Wee one from the paper I thought any US readers may appreciate...

Further news on the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech in New York. Many Americans objected to him being invited to the country, which is why one New Yorker tells us: "If I wanted to hear a short-tempered Iranian yell a lot, I'd take a cab."

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