Sunday, November 16, 2008


After watching Rangers beat St Mirren 2-1, I grabbed a quick sausage supper,took Nacho for a game of football and logged onto Stars in time for Dr Paulys Saturday PLO game.I'm still pretty clueless when it comes to PLO starting hands and I probably folded a few monsters and played a few fishy hands.I'm not sure if it's possible to get the hammer at PLO,but I did enjoy raising with 772K and showing the table! I took 5th again ( 5th last time I played)and more importantly, I really enjoyed the game.I'm still drooling at the thought of Kats cookies!

After that shennanigans,I decided to calm things down a little and only play 2-3 tables of $16.I didn't want to be chasing Friday nights losses and pushing too hard.It seemed to work as I only played 10 games and won $218.

Although I did write recently that I'm trying to stop focusing so much on short-term results,I can't deny I did feel quite relieved to get back to winning ways.( for now at least!)

I finished at Stars around 3am and decided on a couple of $22's on Party before bed.In truth, short-term thinking was at work again, because I was about $45 up for the month at Party, and knew even losing a couple of $22's would leave me about even.

The traffic was quiet on Party at that time, and I ended up playing just one $22.If every $22 went as well as this one did, I'd give up my day job tomorrow and play fulltime.Seventeen minutes and thirty three hands after the first card was dealt, I'd taken first and went to bed a happy Acorn.

A few premium hands holding,a bit of luck ( yes it's true!),a complete donk villain and playing with my confidence full restored certainly helped.Carlsberg don't do sngs but if they did.....

( Carlsberg ad below)

Ok,off to drop Nacho off soon.I've also seen a man about a partiularly potent smelling dog this afternoon and I'm looking forward to sampling that fine herbage a bit later too!

Don't forget to register for tonights Turbo Brit Blogger game on Full Tilt,starting at 4pm est/9pm UK time.Find it under the Private tab or do a player search for "Acornman".I'll be playing in it and also the RebelsofPoker league game on Stars at the same time if I remember!

Best of luck to Matty ( won his ticket via the Brit Blogger game a couple of weeks ago) and to Mr Cloud in the FTOPS Event 24.I was tempted to buy-in too, but I got fresh herb and two games to play already tonight and I like to keep my Sundays more for some chilled out social poker.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Sunday, 16 November, 2008, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for coming out and pimpin' the event!

At Monday, 17 November, 2008, Blogger Wildcat said...

Wish I could get that many premium hands to hold up ;) Actually hang on a minute, wish I could get that many premium hands ;)

At Monday, 17 November, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Pauly.It was a pleasure playing with you guys.

Lol Wildcat.It really was a dream game.If only they were all like that...


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