Sunday, May 29, 2005

First post the past

Well not the whole past obviously but here's the deal.
Started watching Ch4 late night poker a few years back and loved the sheer excitement of NL Holdem.
Last June I started playing for play money at pokerroom and after going through a few stages 1) no idea what I'm doing and why is it so quick 2) He raised me how much?I'll show him!3)I don't need pot odds,I play by instinct and I'm ripping up the play money tables!4) And I don't worry about position,only my hole cards.

5) 1st real money deposit aprox 20:00pm GMT October 31 2004....Vegas here I come... 6) 2nd real money deposit aprox 20:09pm GMT 2004 7) Learn that swearing in front of stepacorn doth not pleaseth Mrs Acorn 8) Read as many poker books and websites as possible 9) Realise how wrong 1-5 were and try and play better poker 10) Start winning regularly at .25nl 2 tabling.

11) Forget point 9 and learn that stepping up to $5-10nl and blowing most of my bankroll with some oh so fancy moves was probably not for the best 12) If you've made it this far I salute you 13) Start again and repeat until realising just how important bankroll management is 14)Placed 3 and 4th for $500 total in player points tourney and finally realised my dream of cashing out enough to buy a new fridge freezer...

Right now I've got $471 and I'm ready to play some poker.


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