Sunday, May 29, 2005

Played for just short of 6 hours last night and ended up with a whopping profit of $3 after losing $20 in my last hand of the night when my QQ lost to KK. A bit frustrating but better than a losing session I suppose.I was 2 tabling at .50nl full ring and didn't see to many premium hands out of the 281 played.
Ok deep breath time.Last Monday night my Mum called to say that my sister has cervical cancer.So far they say its at an early stage and not life threatening but this Friday we will know the extent of the surgery needed.She only got engaged last week and the news has really shaken me. More news on Friday.
Its funny how life bites you on the arse sometimes.Last Sunday my team,Glasgow Rangers,were 2 points behind their rivals in the league with a game to go.( 3 points for a win). Rangers won and our rivals amazingly lost 2 last minute goals after leading 1-0 and Rangers are Champions of Scotland for a record 51st time.The high was incredible and victory so sweet yet when I heard the news about my sister it didn't really matter anymore.
Back to work tomorrow after the weekend off.Going up to Mum and Dads on Tues,dentist on Wed then just keep my fingers crossed for good news on Friday.Off work after Friday for a week and am booked up to go to Amsterdam on Tues 7th with my mate.Roll on...


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