Sunday, July 07, 2013

July Update

Well my two weeks off work flew in and it feels like I was never away.It's weird because the night before I was due back at work I was absolutely fine and not giving it a second thought and then I spent the rest of the week after I started back in a deep pit of despair!I have applied for another job doing something a bit different from dealing with complaints and staying on the same grade I'm on.I was part of a downgrading at the start of the year but have ended up doing the same job as those on a higher salary due to the best corporate excuse of the 21st Century,"Business needs".

On the poker front I've now played over 700k hands since Sept 2010 and although I've had a few deep Mtt runs and the occasional final table recently I think I need to give up on those games for now and focus on building a roll playing 45 and 180 player turbo's.( $7's and $15's) I can pretty much play up to 16 of the 45/180 turbo's on auto-pilot whereas when I do the same with Mtt's I'm missing a ton of important game flow stuff and have to rely mainly on my HUD.Mtt's are just so much more fun to play but who needs fun when there's money to be made!

As usual not too much else going on although I've been good friends with a girl I work with for a while now and it's felt like we've got even closer recently.When she was in a car accident just before Xmas and was off work for ages I found myself missing her more than I should miss someone who's just a mate.Of course because I'm like the fuckin' Rainman when it comes to sussing these things out and reading signals etc I have no clue if she feels anywhere near the same and I'd hate to make things awkward between us.We have been flirting a bit though and just after she left on Friday for a week's holidays I sent her a text to say there was something I wanted to say but not by text and got a typical straight talking reply that said "Ur a wee fucker u cant say Oh I wanted to say something then not say".That seemed quite positive but she may well be thinking I'm talking about something completely different! Ahh well whatever will be will be.

Right,the Wimbledon final is on just now and it's far too nice a day to be writing blog posts.Come on Andy!


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