Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bring Me Sunshine

I thought I'd throw up a wee post to celebrate that happy day tomorrow when I punch the air as I leave work knowing it'll be two weeks before I have to go back to my office monkey routine.Not going anywhere but just looking forward to the break and hoping the sun stays out for the duration.Things have actually been going reasonably well at work.I get on well with the new boss I've had since January and she gave me an excellent annual appraisal ( not that I care but it makes for an easier life).

Not much else going on really. I've been off cigarettes now for 3 weeks and using the electronic ones instead and so far I'm feeling far better for it. I've now discovered I can just hold the vapour in my mouth without having to inhale and I I'm still enjoying my herb at the weekends ( and probably for most of the next two weeks) but 4 non smoking days out of seven is a step in the right direction and if I can bring myself to shell out a small fortune for a top quality vapouriser for my weed then maybe I'll quit smoking entirely. I've vaped weed before and it was ok but I must admit I do enjoy rolling and smoking when I hit the virtual felt at weekends.

On the poker front I've now played over 200,000 hands this year and earned 13,500 Vpp's. After an awful run at the start of the year things seemed to have turned round a bit too. I'm now mixing in a ton of 45/180 player turbos ( $7's and $15's) when I'm not playing Mtt's and although it's taken me a while ( I specialised in 18 player turbos back in the day) I think I'm starting to adapt my push/call ranges to the games as they are today.With more regs and less fish it's certainly not quite as easy as it was to run over the table around the bubble but there's still a huge edge to be had at that crucial stage of the game and with variance being such a bitch for everyone there's more chance of there being some fish left to stomp all over in the larger field multi-table sng's like the 45's and 180's.

I've also continued to play in the twitter @RFCfanspoker play money game I mentioned in my last blog post.Before these games I hadn't played with play money since I started back in 2004 and although I've won a couple they certainly take a bit of adjusting to as there's no cash at stake and nobody seems to have a fold button!See my previous post if you're not a tim and fancy a free fun game on Stars.

For anyone interested I'm still spouting crap on twitter: @heavysprinkles.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Monday, 10 June, 2013, Blogger dD said...

hope you're enjoying your two week off :)

I'll be punching the air on Fri 21st .. but for a lot fucking longer than two weeks .... holy fuck, what next ????


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