Friday, June 03, 2005

Sister update n other stuff

Still off work today.Mum called to say that my sister needs a full hysterectomy to get rid of her cervical cancer.I'm really just happy that she's going to be ok but at the same time not being able to have kids is very very tough.I'm in a smilar position because Mrs A is 45 ( looks 21!) and has had her sterlisation reversed to give us a chance but its still only a chance.I'm lucky I've got my stepacorn (10 going on 18!) living with us.We've got a lot closer over the last year since I took the plunge and moved in a year ago.
On the poker front its probably not that shocking a revelation that the books were right about not playing when you feel like shit.Went down as low as $350 before a player points bonus and some generous fish helped me back up to $519.Pokertracker says I've played 19723 hands and I'm up $395.95 plus my $500 from tourney placings.That obviously doesn't include bonuses which have totalled a few hundred more.Not bad imo for a newbie who never plays without a joint in his hand! Would be up $414 more if I hadn't stepped up to $5-$10 nl whilst tilting a while back.I coulda been a contender...

Some stats: 676 sessions,244 hrs,19723 hands,BB/hr 4.27,BB/100 5.89,Win rate $2.02 per 100 hands.
Alternating between 2 tabling .25nl,.50nl full ring and $1 nl full ring with a bit of .50 5 max thrown in.PT has me as a LAP player.My PF raise % is only 6.28 and I know I've got a long long way to go to be any kind of player at this wonderful game.

Off to Amsterdam on Tuesday till Saturday.Looking forward to getting away and sampling the Dam's finest weed again.Been a few times and had friends living over there for a few years which was handy!Staying in a hotel just by the station so nice and close to all da coffeeshops and I do like my coffee :-) .I'll be taking a deck of cards in case I bump into any stoner players who fancy a game.

Ok time to hit the tables...


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