Thursday, November 24, 2005

Proud to be a Bluenose

Rangers fine battling performance in Portugal last night is enough to guarantee the Champions European football after Xmas in at least the Uefa Cup and hopefully the Champions league.We drew 1-1 with Porto after one of our young players ( McCormack,19) scored with under 10 minutes left.I found it particularly satisfying because until they changed the kick off times my friend and I went to all the Youth team/reserve games and have talked about how if the boss gave him a chance he'd score goals.Very sweet collecting the £10 from a celt*c supporting workmate who reckoned we'd get beaten 5-0 last night.

Hit the tables after the game and lost $70 through a combination of poor plays,bad cards and lack of concentration as I was listening to the after match stuff on the radio.

Easy to write great stuff about tilt and playing "A" games etc but when you get in a mini rut its too easy not to follow good advice and either start trying to be too fancy,too passive or too aggressive.I will simply need to try and remember the best piece of anti-tilt advice I mentioned a while back and that is simply to "let it go". I won $400 from Nov 13th -20th and have now lost $360 between the 20th and today.

Whilst I wasn't on full blown throw it down the drain tilt I was betting my draws too heavily and generally chasing a bit too much.Accept the $360 is gone.Let it go and start playing well again.

At least I'm a healthy acorn.Free health checks at work and I'm not diabetic.I was 5.9 on the scale thing which is ok ( just had my lunch too which raises score) and my blood pressure is 131/80. I'm 5ft 7,weigh 155 lb ( 11 st 1) and have a BMI of 24.3.

Thanks to Colin at Pokersweethome for agreeing to join the R.O.W blogger team.Look forward to seeing you at Pokerstars for the tourneys.

I was going to propose playing every two weeks to keep things fresh and give everyone plenty of notice for each one.I believe its Thanksgiving weekend in the US this weekend anyway so a breaks probably a good idea.What or who you guys are thanking I'm not sure but any holiday with loads of good food and drink has to be good so if your in the USA have a good one!

Well we're well passed Hump day ( love that name for it) and the weekend is just round the corner.

Here's a couple of wee funnies to be going on with..

Bean there:A coffee-loving resident of Wisconsin, Marg Girard, recalls a java-time incident during her first visit to Scotland.
She says: "A local gentleman friend offered to make me a coffee in his mum's house, asking me how I took it. I replied, 'I like my coffee the same way I like my men'."
At this, the chap favoured his guest with a polite little half-smile, obviously reckoning he'd heard the line before.
However, all-American Marg then continued: "Finely ground and sealed in an airtight container."

Made to measure:EXPAT Donald Bathgate, now in Florence, offers a tale of customer satisfaction, involving a woman who frequented Aberlady's Ship Inn in the good old days before singles and doubles had been adopted as measures for serving whisky. Says Donald: "A dispute arose between a customer who claimed he'd been short-served and the barman who claimed he'd poured a full gill. "The argument dragged on and was becoming heated when the woman – standing at the bar – reached over, grabbed the glass and downed the drink. She then smacked her lips, saying, 'Aye, that wis a gill... ma mooth hauds a gill neat.' "


At Friday, 25 November, 2005, Blogger surflexus said...

I'm going to move a bit of my online cash over to stars so i can play next tourney...looks like a good time. See ya

At Friday, 25 November, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

The more the merrier surf.Look forward to seeing you there!


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