Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lucky sevens

Thanks to everyone for the tourney feedback received so far.I'm leaning towards Pokerroom as the venue but still open to more feedback.I think Pokerroom allows for a slower blinds structure to be set up which would be good and I'd hope that as its only $5.50 we would be able to attract more players.The Edge asked about any referal codes and stuff and I think Pokerroom runs a "refer a friend" scheme which I'll check out tonight.I've never really bothered with affiliate type stuff on this blog but that doesn't mean I wont have a website to plug soon so look out for that!

To the poker and I didn't start playing until later on last night when I joined Juice at a .10-.20 full ring nl table.Mr Edge was being sensible and just heading off to bed but I didn't get these big bags under my eyes by going to bed at a decent hour and ended up playing till 1am and once again feeling that familiar zombie like feeling when my alarm went off today.

Had a good session and left with a $48 profit.I only really played 4 hands in a big way and won with 3 of them with my 2 pairs of KJ losing to trips 2's in the other.

I detest poker snobbery but Juice had picked a good table with lots of loose fishy players and some of the plays had me laughing out loud.I raise to $2 with QQ and a shortstack reraises all in.The other villan had called my $2 bet but as there was no reraise I thought I was good ( or just ahead in a coin flip v AK) so I reraised to $15 and won a decent pot when the villan called my bet with 77 and my hand held up.

One player went all in with 9c10c for $6 preflop and we had a "don't frighten the fish moment" when someone wrote "All in with 910?" in the chat box and I replied "brave" to which the original questioner wrote "yup" and Juice wrote " no guts,no glory". Made me laugh anyway.

Lots of weak bets preflop and post flop with huge overbets if they'd hit a hand.An ideal table.

I also won a battle with Juice in a hand where I limped on the button with 77 and hit a 10 10 7 flop.A villan bet .80 which was called in 3 places before I decided to call too.10 7 or 10 10 were my only worries but I was almost certain I was ahead.

A 3 of spades on the turn opened up a flush draw possiblity and I was wondering how best to play it when Juice raised the original bettors .80c turn bet to $8.Now if I'd been playing it correctly I'd probably have smooth called hoping to keep both the other players in with me but I reraised Juice to $15 .I probably wasn't being ruthless enough and would have been happy to see Juice fold at this point but when he reraised me all in the gloves were off and I insta called.Wish I had just smooth called now and maybe brought the other villan along for the ride but its not easy playing v friends when you know they are betting into the ( almost) nut hand.

Anyway I did call his all in and beat his A10 with my full house for a nice pot.Unlucky to hit a hand like Juices and lose to a hand like mine but he had thrown a couple insults in Nachos direction and ( fat and stupid!) so I didn't feel too bad as my boy wandered over with his tail wagging to see what the fuss was about!

On another note its very nice of The Edge to ask my advice on NL matters and I appreciate the confidence boost and I'm happy to help but for real quality reading I'd go with Garyc's recommendation and get yourself over to a proven winners blog .

I'd like to think I'm a reasonable player but I'm not kidding myself that selecting weak players and tables to play at means I'm anymore skillful than anyone else round these here parts!

I did note that Garyc mentioned playing with European players is more profitable and its something I mentioned almost jokingly a while back in my "stay away from Americans" post.After 3 months away from playing most of my games at Pokerroom I truly believe that my theory is correct.Go to Ladrokes,Interpoker or any site with few Americans and loads of Euro players and tell me if I'm wrong!

Good luck out there...


At Thursday, 17 November, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Agree completely with the US/European player differences, at least lately.

Here's a thought for Sunday and I will post something about it later today.

5 + .50 - 18 person or 27 person SNG(non-turbo) Low buy-in, lots of other fish and the blinds are not insane early.

It would take a bit to organize us all joining at the appropriate time, but Trip and I played several 18 person SNG's last night and the structure is good.

BTW, Chipper came up with the idea and it sounds like he might join us there.

Talk to your mates and see if that is an acceptable alternative.


At Thursday, 17 November, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thats a great idea Gary.I'll ask Juice and The Edge for their thoughts.They're both on IM so hopefully getting us all to jump at at once would work out fine.

At Thursday, 17 November, 2005, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Sign up for PokerRoom via Poker Source Online, referral code HighOnPoker. I'm a whore.


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