Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hit n Run

First off I got things sorted with Mrs A which was a relief.She started blanking me on Sunday night and I was worried it was because when she arrived home from work I was chatting away to some of my blogger friends.While I admit emotions are not my strong point neither is pussy footing around so I asked her straight out what was wrong and its nothing more complex than nicotine withdrawl.Mrs A has been cigarette free for exactly 4 weeks now and after 30 years of 30 a day is still finding it tough.I knew that but up until Sunday she would at least say "goodnight" "good morning " etc and not totally ignore her beloved acorn!

Looking forward to the big game tonight.The headline in todays football pullout was "The Yanks Are Coming" and talks about how ex Rangers player and USA Captain Claudio Reyna is taking a few of the US squad to see it and how he expects they will never have witnessed anything like it in their lives!To say its passionate wouldn't do the occasion justice.Even if your not a "soccer" fan if you like sports and ever get the chance to see an Old Firm ( Rangers v celt*c ) game I'd recommend it.

I wont be going to Saturdays friendly v USA at Hampden as my local team EK Thistle are playing at home but hopefully Scotland can put up a decent showing and not get cuffed!

Before I get onto the poker I'm going to have a quick rant about another topic that does my nut in.Apparently the Christmas lights in Lambeth,London are to be called "Winter lights" this year so that the name doesn't offend any ethnic minorities.What an absolute joke.Its decisions like that that in my opinion go a long way to creating divides in society not healing them.Who could possibly be offended by calling them Christmas lights? I'm not even deeply religious but this just smacks of the kind of pathetic politically correct nonsense thats all too prevelant in the UK these day

To the poker and I found it interesting that Garyc wrote about instant chat messaging being a distraction.I've found it both a help and a hinderance.I've only just started using it and its been a blast but when chatting constantly my game does suffer.In fact I played a full ring table instead of my usual 6 max for that reason and at one point had AsJs and raised pf when it was checked to me.One caller and when I bet out on an Ac 5h 4h board and was reraised almost all in I realised that I had no idea how my opponent played as I hadn't been watching.Now this would be a difficult position at any time and even paying full attention may not have helped but what if my chat meant I had missed the fact that the villan was a blatant maniac who was always reraising players who raised preflop and always followed through with another bet?

It may only be a small edge but every edge helps.Strangely though when playing a $5 sng whilst chatting to Veneno and AussieDave later I found the chat helped me play a patient game.Maybe because it wasn't so constant but any big hands were discussed and it was great to win with the hammer and be able to chat to people who appreciate the best damn hand in poker!

I've also enjoyed chatting a lot with the London crew at Ladbrokes when playing but generally thats only at .10-.20nl and I usually just keep it simple and don't worry to much about reads.

Played for a short time at Ladbrokes .10-.20nl and lost about $3 before moving to a Pokerroom .50nl full ring table.

I didn't wait for the blind to get to me and was in for 50c when I get dealt 5c7c.2 callers before me and I check.The big stack after me makes it $2 to go and gets 3 callers before the action is on me.Theres $9.25 in the pot and I kind of groan a bit inside as I know I'm going to call for $1.50 and probably fold post flop.I'm mentally ready to drop to $48 from $50. ( hey I'm a tightass I need to prepare for any loss!).

Flop comes a lovely 7h Kd 5d. I reckon I'm ahead but with so many in the pot how long I can stay ahead is uncertain.

One of the callers bets $2 which I raise to $10.The preflop raiser and Mr $2 into an $10.75 pot also calls. Turn is a the 5s and I bet $10 again when its checked to me.Big stack folds and the other villan goes all in for $4.95 when a 6d hits on the river.I call and he shows KhQh and the chips come my way for a $42 net win.

Won another hand about 10 minutes later and left $45 up for 24 minutes work.If only it was like that all the time!

Probably wont play much tonight due to watching the game.

Be lucky...


At Wednesday, 09 November, 2005, Blogger Juice said...





At Wednesday, 09 November, 2005, Blogger Joe Speaker said...

eh, I rarely fancy the Yanks chances--especially on European soil--without Reyna to pull the strings. Just nobody else who can fill that spot with the exception of an in-form John O'Brien who's not in the team. Donovan not available, either.

Best of luck!

On the chat room issue, I can handle one person, and often find that one person helpful if they're watching me, but if it's a whole room full of degenerates (as it often is), I have to tune them out.

At Wednesday, 09 November, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We sing win,lose or draw.Unlike at the Highbury Library!( not that Arsene can hear anything from the bottom of Jose's pocket).

Just aswell its only the league cup.Gives celt*c a wee something to do while the Champions are playing on the big stage in Europe.


I rarely fancy Scotland to win any game ( unless its v our over- hyped neighbours!).We've improved recently after a long slump and have some good young players.No Freddy Adu's though sadly ;-)

Reyna was a great player for Rangers.I was sorry to see him go.

Best of luck to the US too.


At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Highbury Library eh? Incidentally i believe arsene has fitted a microphone to his telescope and the sound from stanford bridge is quite good!

Rangers playing on the big stage in europe? You might be in the lobby of the champions league but i think you will find that the restaurant is all booked up and all the seats are taken. Its an exclusive club and no riff raff is allowed!


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