Friday, November 11, 2005

Weekend at last

Not much happend last night.Enjoyed chatting to Veneno via IM and had fun setting my bluetooth dongle up so that I can send pictures fro my mobile phone to my pc.First of all I inserted the dongle in the usb port and waited,waited,waited for it to start loading up.This was until I checked the packaging in the bin and found the cd that needs to be loaded.Ok so I put the cd in and it sounds like a helicopter taking off in my cupboard.Just as I'm thinking my cd rom is broken I decide to check it and oooops there were 2 cds in there!

Only logged onto a poker table around 10.30.Found Juice at a .10-.20 limit table but thankfully the chat with himself and Rosie made up for a dull game.We finally moved to an NL table a bit later but Ladbrokes have changed their software and while I like the changes they seem to have removed the "Average pot size" from the lobby.As I may have mentioned several dozen times I feel this stat is vital when selecting a table.I will be writing to Support to see if they can sort this otherwise I think I'll be offski to another site.

Sat down blind at a table and called from the sb with 97.Flop came 6 8 10 rainbow and with about 6 in the pot I raise to .40 to start building the pot.All folded! Maybe I could have given a free card but at a loose crazy table with a high average pot I'd probably have faced a reraise there!

Next I raise with AA and all fold.If I'd been playing alone ( without Juice and Rosie to chat too) I'd have left that table in a flash. A 10c-.20cNL table where most players actually seemed to have a clue! Whatever next! There were still a few fishies and the big stack in particular must have got lucky because he/she was throwing it away just before I left at 1am.( which is far too late to be playing 20c poker on a weeknight).

I lost $8 when I severley overplayed the hammer! How could the poker gods forsake me? I was beaten by a pair of 10's but to be honest the villan seemed weak and a large river reraise may have taken it down.I would have done that but for the chat.I was sure the villans ego wouldn't allow him to fold so I did.

Handed my car in to get new brake pads this morning.Just waiting on the call to say I need new brake discs too.More ££££.

Hopped on a bus and the wee ned/chav at the back in his "sellick" tracksuit was boasting to his mate about how he got the woman at the job centre to fill in all his forms for him by claiming to be dyslexic. He'll go far I'm sure.

There were reports yesterday about Scotland being hit by 80mph winds today.We talked at work about possibly being sent home if it got really bad.

I came in late this morning and told my fellow phone monkeys that the security guard at the front desk had told me it was hardly worth going up to my desk as we'd all be sent home soon.Two colleagues whooped with joy and one asked "really?". "No" I replied.Gave them a second or two of delight anyway but I think it would take a nuclear war before we'd be sent home from here.

Looking forward to getting a copy of the cd Garyc is recording for a few bloggers.I was into country music in a big way a few years ago after playing the CMT was played constantly in the shop I worked in.Music till the cows come home....

Garyc also mentioned another mini bloggers tourney on 'Stars this weekend but after last weeks poor showing from UK bloggers/players I've decided to give it a miss this Sunday.I'll try one last time on Nov 20th and if the response is the same then we can make it Scotland and Australia v The USA or just everyone for themselves in future.Time for some Brits to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.( motivational teamtalk over)

Whatever your doing this weekend be lucky...( unless your part of the US football team playing Scotland in which case the message is ....Take it easy!)


At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger chipper said...

Hey Acorn - if you need me to set up another tourney I'll be happy to do so. Might even join in the fun if I get the chance. Enjoy your dongle!

At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger TripJax said...

that's call LAM. I can use a Sunday off.

BTW, I should soon be set up to do private tourneys as well so between Chipper and I we'll be good to go...

At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger TripJax said...

meant that's cool...

At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Dear Mr. Acorn: I notice that your blog description mentions that you love smoking weed. Is this weed like the herbal green plant or rather hash. I only ask because when I was in Ireland I was unable to find any greens, but did get hash. It seemed to me that Ireland (and maybe the UK generally) were more of a hash place, rather than a greens place. Please advise.

At Saturday, 12 November, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Dear Mr High,
Thankyou for your recent enquiry.I am delighted to say I manage to procure rather fine greenery on a pleasingly regular basis.

The solid in the UK is probably worse than Shwag.Pure poison.I prefer my consumables herbular.

Always a fine accompaniment at the virtual poker table...

At Saturday, 12 November, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I loved that hammer play. It was fantastic. Your reluctance to fold in the face of a confidant and carded opponent was brilliant. Although you must worship harder if you are ever going to be a true believer like the edge.


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