Saturday, June 23, 2007

Freewheelin' Salmon

I was tempted to vent a little on the frosty atmosphere between Mrs A and I at the moment.Between her coming off the happy pills and going through the change, life is not exactly a cher of bowlies in the Acorn household just now.

I'll leave it at that for now, as I'm not long back after taking Nacho a long walk across Langlands nature reserve which is only a few minutes from the house.The view from the plane window when landing at Glasgow airport the other week, reminded me that whilst Scotlands weather may be shitty,we do ( England,Wales and NI too) have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world right on our doorstep.

Perhaps the showers yesterday after the thunder storms put people off, ( too many puddles) but there was nobody else about, and it was great to take a stroll and clear the cobwebs from my brain.I usually walk or half jog at a fairly rapid pace ( for a little acorn!)thanks to years of having to keep up with the San Jose salmon and the the s-man on the walk to school.It was nice to remember my Grandpa taught me to slow down and simply stroll too.It gave me time to appreciate the pine forrest, which evoked memories of bmx'ing through similar places in my younger days.Oh how I wanted a Mongoose or Raleigh Burner instead of the shiney Viceroy ( weight aprox 8 tons!) I had at the time!

To the poker and not much to report from last night.I did enjoy playing whilst watching the highlights from Glastonbury.I loved the Artic Monkeys set ,especially my favourites,Mardy Bum and I bet you look good on the Dancefloor.Superb.

Anyway ,I had my Aces busted in about the first five minutes of the $3k 1000 pp freeroll last night before losing a $16 turbo at 'Stars,winning $25 at Party and losing $20 at a Ladbrokes $100 nl full ring table.It was also great to catch up with the San Jose Salmon ( aka Al Eleven,aka Miami Trout)when I got up today.He was still playing drunken $60 turbos while I was eating my shreddies.I did play one $16 turbo with him and crashed out with JJ v AQ on a Queen high flop only two hands into it.

I've mentioned before I reckon one of my biggest leaks is not being able to lay down big pairs and I'm pleased to say I ( not exactly move of the year I know) managed to lay down JJ after raising preflop and facing a reraise and then another all in.KK beat 77.Perhaps I find it easier to respect opponents holdings at $100nl as $50 nl ( especially Party 6 max) can be very fishy indeed.

A few last wee appeals before I go.Fellow bloggers get yourselves over to and pimp your blog at the superbly moderated (!!) Poker blogs section.

Next up, do any of my American readers have an opinion on footballer ( and I mean real football with a round ball!)DaMarcus Beasley? It looks like my team are about to sign him from PSV Eindhoven. Seems like he made a good start at PSV, but faded and isn't getting a regular game now.Any thoughts welcome.

Lastly an appeal to anyone who may be reading from the San Jose area.If you can help my "weedless in San Jose" mate,Al Eleven to score, it may prevent him from applying to be the new spiderman.( climbing all those walls!)

Ahh well it's a good excuse to post this picture at least....

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