Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Loose call?

I barely played at all on Monday night ( one failed $16 turbo) and last night I registered for a turbo, before deciding I'm getting a little bored of the format,so I moved to a Laddies $50 nl cash table with a $25 average pot.

As usual ( for an high ave pot table), there was a player raising every pot preflop and betting hard post flop.He was taking down a lot of pots and tilting players into donking off their stacks with less than stellar hands.

I made my first stand with AQ,limping in and calling the villains 8bb raise.The flop came 2h Qc Kh and I elected to call the maniacs by now standard continuation bet of $9.25,planning to take it away on the turn if possible and not be too afraid of the King.

The turn was a Js and I check raised the villains $13 bet to $27.I reckoned that raise would look as if it wanted called and as it was the first time I'd played back,I hoped it would be enough.I only had $11 left from my $50 buy-in so he knew he probably wasn't going to push me off.He folded....

A bit later I'd lost the profit from that hand when I picked up AK.Another villain made a weak min raise to $1 which was reraised by the maniac to $6.50.I decided the first guy was getting frustrated ( he'd just asked the maniac if all in was his only move) and my Ak could well be ahead and was almost certainly ahead of the maniac.

I moved all in for $46 and the first bettor called with A7 and the maniac called with ( I'm not making this up!!) 7c 4d.Thankfully my big slick held up.

The next big hand was interesting as I made a very marginal post flop call which the villain and I debated for the rest of my time at the table.I don't normally get into that sort of chat or I'll try and tilt 'em with "I had a feeling" etc but I had a note against the villain which said he was a "great player" and for some reason I felt obliged to point out it wasn't quite the bad beat it seemed.

I was dealt Ac Jc and limped in,ready to call the maniacs standard preflop raise.Mr "Great" called too and we saw a Js 2c Qc flop which I obviously liked.Mr Great checked ,the maniac made a $7.50 bet and I called with my ton of outs.Mr Great suddenly check raised all in for $76 more and I went into the tank.

I reckoned Mr Great had to have a hand to bet like that but that with me holding AJ it was less likely he had two pair and against the maniac in particular could be going to war with a hand like KQ,K10.It was very tight but I decided my flush draw and TPTK ( top pair top kicker) may well be good.There was $23 of dead money already in the pot and I made the call.The turn was an Ace putting me ahead with my 2 pair and the 4c on the river gave me the ( unrequired) flush and sealed the deal against Mr G's flopped 2 pair with QJ.

Mr Great felt it was a terrible beat despite me and Killerpea ( another player I've played with and respect) pointing out just how close it was.I was a 45/55% dog when the money went in, although if he had Qx ( my read) I would have been a very marginal favourite at 50.51 v 49.49%.

To be fair Mr G did go on to say that it was more the fact he felt he's suffered a 100 bad ones in a row and a bad three months that made him feel so bad but jeez did he harp on about it!

For the first time ever I mentioned I'd be posting it on my ghey poker blog so if you should read this,Hsvedan,feel free to rant in the comments box about what a donkey you think I am :-)

My car loan has been approved and I'm not long back from test driving the Focus ST 170 I looked at on Sunday.Doesn't seem quite as quick as my 2.5 v6 Alfa 156 but it can shift and was smooth to drive.The garage guy called my mobile whilst I was driving on Sunday and told my Dad he agreed to the part exchange price I was looking for.Today is went back on that and says he'll call me tonight if he can do a deal.I like the car but it aint the only one out there.

Righty I'll probably manage one more post tomorrow before heading off to Ibiza for a week on Friday night.Thanks for reading!

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At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

I don't think I mind that call there mate, considering the hands this guy has been playing and for the dead monay already in there, its fairly marginal and just really down to whether or not you fancied a gamble! Glad it paid off!!

When you getting the new motor then?? Sounds nice too



At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

To be fair ( sorry if I didn't make it clear) he wasn't the maniac but I reckon it was a marginal one too.Cheers for the feedback.

New car soon.Just noticed a missed call on my mobile from the garage.Grrr.Will cb tomorrow and see what the script is...

At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

AJ, huh?
I'm just glad it wasn't A 10 !!


At Wednesday, 06 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

With A10 I'd have been all in preflop :-)))))))

ps it was soooooooooooted!!

At Thursday, 07 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

not at!


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