Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sat Ramble

I didn't make a great start at the tables last night,managing to go out of two $16 turbo's at 'Stars before the server froze at the beginning of the third one.The law of sod meant that I'd had time to blow a $50 buy-in at a Stars cash table a few minutes before the crash, when my AQ was beaten by a flopped two pair.It was a bit of a awfuckit call, however I didn't beat myself up too much and moved to Full Tilt where I won an $11 turbo to recover most of that buy-in loss.Meantime Miami Mark and I swapped $50 transfers with me giving him $50 at Full Tilt and me getting $50 at Stars.

Kats Friday night donkament was up next and I used it to donk it up a little and have some fun before finally getting a little bored and donking off my stack to Tripjax when my shiney A7d fell to his AJ.

It was 4am by this point and as Mrs A had gone on to a house party and didn't have a key meaning I couldn't lock the front door, so I rolled up another one and joined the biggest party in the world...Party poker.It's all a bit blurry from then on but I did win a buy-in with KK and then headed to Ladbrokes where I also made a nice wee profit from a juicy full ring game which had become shorthanded.I did save a few hand histories for but that site seems to have vanished.Hmmm!

I have a few more thoughts buzzing around but my brain feels too woolly to get them out properly! I started a comment in reply to Rosie's latest post and then deleted it as it made no real sense at all!

The Clouds recent post where he mentioned getting far more comments on a bacon sarnie post than for his poker stuff hit a cord too.Hours are spent fine tuning a strategy post of some sort and nobody bothers and yet ( and yes the pain has gone now)stubb your toes running back to the laptop to play a hand and people demmand to see the x rays!

I like to post as often as I can, or else I feel that I'll gradually let more and more time pass and run out of enthusiasm for the whole idea.My poker recaps generally seem to be quite dry and fairly repetitive, but I suppose as a poker blog they are the building blocks from which other witterings usually emerge.Like The Cloud I also have the additional one outer of calling this a poker and life blog which gives me an excuse to ramble about non pokery stuff too.

On the subject of rambling I reckon that's enough for one day.Pop over and say hello to Riveredpho3nix who is the latest addition to my blogroll.

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At Sunday, 27 May, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Come on mate, lets have some enthusiasm here!!!

Are you going to be the bridesmaid for the bloggerment again or can you pick up that monkey?????


cya there


p.s. Nice Banner!!

At Sunday, 27 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I know,I know! Yesterdays post was a poor effort written after very little sleep and it showed!

Ready to rock and roll tonight though!



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