Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sat update

Mrs A and I were out for dinner last night again.We arrived back, Mrs A grabbed the tv remote and I fired up the laptop for some pokery fun.Did I say fun? Well I managed a 3rd place from three $15 turbos although I would have made the money in the other two if Holdem was only played until the turn card was dealt.I remember licking my lips at the prospect of the game starting after checking out the sharky stats.At least I didn't bust out my Stars roll as was looking likely at one point as I started the game I came 3rd in with just $11 left!

A wee 3rd place ( after yet another suckout) at a Full Tilt $11 turbo followed before I took a break and hit then hit the cash tables.

I was rivered in my last hand of the night at Party when the tables resident fishy tilter hit his gutshot and cost me $30.

I thought I'd get that nasty river out there first as I'd rather dwell on the $34 ave pot,$50nl table I played at Laddys where I made a nice wee $80 profit by playing the patient waiting game at a very loose fishy table.Eventually my patience was rewarded when I was allowed to see a cheap flop with my KhJh and the flop came a perfect 9 10 Q.See here for hand.

Now all the stacks at the table were far larger than the $50 buy-in thanks to Ridgers tilting big time and reloading so when the big stack led out I was happy to just call and see the pot build as there was nothing to scare me about that flop.

The turn was a different matter as another 10 fell and for a moment I felt it would be just typical of my recent luck if one of the villains had just made their full house.When the big stack led out for $10 I was confident he may have trips but no boat, and the tiltboys all in bet for $36 didn't worry me too much either.I was still relieved to see a 2h on the river and the chips come my way.

Re the Britbloggerment game and I'm hoping my partner in crime ,The Milkman,will be able to set it up shortly.( I dont have enough player points).I hope so as I'm looking forward to the weekly donkfest!

Just watching the end of the first FA Cup final from Wembley with my favourite English team,Chelsea,winning 1-0 thanks to a Drogba goal.It's been a fairly crap game and certainly no classic.One minute to go.Sorry Miasdad but come on the Chels!

Righty Mrs A is working again tonight so it's a quiet one with perhaps a wee game of poker on the agenda...

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