Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks Sharky

After a couple more out of the money Sng's it was a relief to finally come 2nd in an $16 turbo last night.This was after visiting my Mum and bubbling at a $6 turbo on her account.

I used Sharkscope to make one call with 1010 in a $15 game after I'd raised,two players called and the third went all in.The all in player was a complete fish on super tilt according to Sharkscope and that fact, combined with his bet looking like a squeeze bet persuaded me to call.The others folded,he showed AQ and my hand actually held up!

When the sng got heads up I felt I should have won but I blew it by trying to get too fancy.Once again I started the HU with the shortstack and once again I managed to get even mainly by aggressive play.There wasn't much limping by either of us so I decided to test the villain by limping in to see how he played it.He made a large reraise and I folded my Q9.

I planned to do the same when I actually had a hand but this time I would play it the same way and come back over the top.Instead I mistook KQ for a decent hand,limped as planned and once again he raised me.I dutifully went all in and then realised the story I had told was all wrong and that I was in effect trying to trap with a fairly weak hand.If I had a decent hand then my plan would have worked as the villain dutifully called with his monster A5 soooted and knocked me out.Hmmmm.

Ok,that's all for today.Don't forget to register for Britbloggerment 8 on Stars under private tourneys.9pm BST start time ( 4 pm est in Pokerstars lobby).Password is donkament and everyone who blogs or reads blogs is welcome to play....

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At Thursday, 10 May, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what no mention of how you robbed me of my short stack and knocked me out on the bubble with yer AQ v my super strong 10J... You even rivered the str8 to beat my flopped 10's.. Grrrr not only is my dire run continuing sharky, has allocated a new type of form called "Bl**dy Acorn Tilt".... The Trout is out for revenge!!!

At Friday, 11 May, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like you are teaching the trout a lesson in poker Acorn!!!! You gotta be careful using Sharkscope in those situations IMO because even donks can catch hands you know!.... just look at Miami Trout!....loooooooooooooooool ;0)




At Friday, 11 May, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MM - as you well know, Acorn actually has no conscience when it comes to playing 'mates' on the bubble, so it's unlikely to have registered as anything special!

Outrageous that yer 10J didn't hold up!

At Friday, 11 May, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Bring it Trouty.I never said your lessons were free!

Even donks do catch hands BM, but for marginal decisions Sharky can be very very useful.

Damn right s-man.I almost consider your blinds to be part of my stack before we start mate :-)


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