Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gers win 2-0 !

We may have lost the league title but at least we have won the last two Old Firm games and todays win was even more convincing than our win at their place last month.Boyd scored first and Charlie Adam sealed it with a peach of a freekick.It should have been more!Now I just need to get my voice back again....

Not much to shout about on the poker front.I won a $15 turbo ( 18 player) last night but never made the money in six others to leave me about even.I've also realised that if I'm going to play cash tables, then I need to have enough time to devote to it, and not be in a hit and run type mode, where I take chances when I don't really know my table.I lost $20 at Stars with 88 v A6, after the villain hit a 6 on the turn and river.Yes that was maybe unlucky, but it was a lowish ( lower than 8) ragged board and after he had called my 5bb preflop ( and he was also the big stack)I didn't push it hard enough post flop as I was worried about betting into an overpair.Maybe I should stick to limp calling with my pairs....( set mining!)

I moved to Full Tilt as the s-man was there and managed to blow a buy-in at a cash table when once again I just couldn't lay a losing hand down.My awfuckit calls are usually made instantly and at least this time I managed to force myself to slow down and consider the situation a little more.Unfortunately my thought process went like this..I have QQ and have made a decent preflop raise and the villain has check called my increasingly larger bets on the flop and turn.The flush and straight draws have both come in and after my river bet he has raised me all in for a further $26.If I'd watched someone else play this hand I'd be screaming fold but something told me he didn't have the flush or straight and could be making a move with tptk.( flop was 7 high so an A7 type hand was in my mind).I made the call and he's been ahead with a set of sevens since the flop had come.Grrrrrr!

The good news is that I kept my head and won the $11 turbo I played with the s-man to leave me only down a little at FT.

Ok,that's it for todays witterings.Don't forget to register for tomorrows Britbloggerment 7 game on Stars at 9pm bst.Password is donkament and anyone and everyone is welcome to play.

Mrs A is working tonight so I'm off to roll a large one and watch the rerun of todays victory before hitting the tables later...

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