Friday, April 27, 2007

Mortgage wars go on....

I called my mortgage firm today and they have said they will only pay the transfer fee ( they overpaid my remortgage amount by £5000) and not the additional £75 arrangement fee I requested.They charged me a £499 arrangement fee to set up the remortgage in the first place.

I'm looking forward to the battle.Even if I don't win, I guarantee it will cost them more than £75 in costs by the time I'm finished.I've already requested their code of practice, details of their escalation process and Ombudsman contacts.I'll also be writing to their chairman,chief exec and janitor!

I will be asking them for a full breakdown ( in writing) of their own arrangment fee, a justification for it and why they feel they shouldn't pay me a fee for arranging to give them it back.Of course I also want an explanation as to why the error occured in the first place and the steps put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I reckon I'll manage to come up with another minor ( but fairly obscure) dozen points I wish addressed too.I'm going to start with asking if they feel the signage outside my local branch is sufficently clean enough for a company of their size to be satisfied with it.

Maybe their records show that when I renewed my mortgage with them previously, I complained about the arrangement fee and eventually got them to cut it in half.Anyway time to go to war!!

To the poker and I managed another 4th in the one $15 turbo I played last night before heading off to spend some time with Mrs A.

After she went to bed I hit up two Party $50nl 6 max tables.Poker Indicator doesn't work on resized tables which is a pain but I like the using the tiling effect to see both at once.I may even have a go at 4 tabling.

Anyways I didn't play long but was lucky enough to almost double my buy-in which made up for Wednesday nights debacle.

This time KK held up but I was wondering during the hand if I'd be blogging about another of my donk moves ( yeah, mostly C's in your quiz Mr Cloud!)after possibly letting the villain catch his straight on the turn.Thankfully he had 55 and my check on the K 4 3 rainbow flop allowed him to catch his 5 on the turn and the money went in at that point and my set of Kings beat his set of fives to take it down.

This was one time I was glad I'd let the villain catch up in the hand as a big post flop bet from me would probably have won a much smaller pot.

The hand is here if anyone is interested.

I'll be taking Mrs A out for a driving lesson tonight before dropping her off at friends and hitting the tables.I may not make Kats donkamanet rebuy game tonight as I need to be up tomorrow for a trip through to Edinburgh to see Rangers play Hibs.As a season ticket holder I get 3-5 away games per season and this is my last one for this year.

As ever thanks for stopping by and don't forget to register for Sundays Britbloggerment game at 9pm bst on 'Stars.Password is donkament and everyone is welcome.

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At Saturday, 28 April, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Fight them mate! These big companies spend too much time rolling over the 'little guys'. It is ok for them to charge fees if they have to do the slightest amount of administration, so why should it not work both ways??? I admire what you are doing here... Give em hell!!



At Saturday, 28 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers BM,the fight goes on!

At Sunday, 29 April, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

personally should you really be calling a 5 bb raise with 55? and thought you gave him a free card on the flop the odds were heavily in your favour that its just bad luck really.

At Sunday, 29 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I'd call a 5bb raise with 55 every time at $50nl.Sets are ( usually) golden.Limp/call for most pairs seems to work for me...


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