Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stars n Party,yer avin' a laugh!

Mrs A and I are heading to a comedy club on Saturday night but it felt like the comedians last night were the Pokerstars and Party poker virtual dealers.

Hey,have you heard the one about the player who bubbled for the 3rd time in two days after some donk hit his lucky river card yet again?

Of course if you play poker, then you've most probably been on the end of much worse scenarios, but hey I'm on a roll now so bear with me.

Actually,I'll keep it short.KK v J3.3 on flop,money in,J on turn.
22 v K2 clubs.2 on flop,one club,money in,runner clubs for flush.

Two buy-ins down at Party and I join a new table.A few hands in and I raise from utg ( 1st to act) with AK and the next to act raises to $7.I call and fold to his bet on the low ragged flop.

That was the low point and while there was no high point ,I did managed to pull a few dollars back, meaning I was grateful to go to bed only $100 down at Party.( + the $15 tourney buy-in at Stars)

On the plus side at least I didn't feel there was any donkery on my part and it helped confirm to me just how juicy the Party cash tables are just now.
I'm also pleased I managed to give myself a shake ( thanks to Miami Mark for listening to my self pitying rant at the time) and continued to play decent poker.

Half the battle with this wonderful game is with myself and not the fishy villains and their donk moves.I wasn't even tempted to ask why they played their hand in the way they did.It's entirely their choice and I respect their right to do whatever they like with their hands at the table.

It's the old poker tale of knowing the suckouts are worse at the juicy tables because the play is so poor, yet seeking out those tables because most of my overall profits come from there.

I'm trying to get back into the mindset of seeing my bankroll total as a fluid figure that is not set in stone.Afterall the whole point of bankroll management is to allow swings to be absorbed without going broke and to ultimately keep it growing over the long term.

So it was a crappy night but poker life goes on.No more bleating.Time to let it go.

On a brighter note I booked an 9 night break in Ibiza for Mrs A and me,leaving on June 8h.We stayed here with Step A in '04 and it was a decent hotel and good value for money.Roll on!

Of course we'll only be going on holiday if I make it through tonights driving lesson with Mrs A.I loved The Clouds story from a couple of posts ago re teaching mummy to park.I've not got as far as that with Mrs A yet.I'm still teaching her to steer and avoid those unwanted head on collisions at speed.....


At Friday, 20 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back on the horse and keep plugging away, playing good poker is sometimes going to be frustrating against fish (not that I know as I am THE TROUT ;), yes they will call with nothing and yes sometimes they will hit, especially on River Stars... Forget nights like last night and just think back to how you did last year... Bank roll started at? and finished at? Yes I thought so, long term making the right decisions will always pay off, it's just coping with the nights when it all seems to go against you that sticks in the memory so take a note of one or two of those great nights when the fish make daft calls and didn't hit, that should help temper those grrrrrr moments!!!


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