Monday, April 09, 2007

A Trouts Tale....

Here is the write up by Al Eleven ( Miami Trout,Miami Mark),the two time champion of the Britbloggerment game.To be fair to Mark he may have got lucky on occasion ( who doesn't to win a tourney?) but his game has come on a ton recently and he thoroughly deserved ( hold on till I stop choking) both his victories.Maybe now he can pay off the 3 card brag debt he still owes me from our school days!
Thanks for the write up mate.

"Before I gloat about the win I should point out that in this tourney I’m not really bothered about the money but want to give a good account of myself and not make any donk moves (hmm lets see how that strategy went then)………

First off it was an enjoyable game and there was lots of hilarious banter, nobody gets an easy ride in this tourney.

So after 58 hands, and everyone is pretty tight as expected, I decide to make a wee steal (yes I know the blinds aren’t worth it but it’s a boredom thing). I get Kd7d with the blinds at 25/50 and raise to 200 and zagga calls on the big blind. Flop comes 5h5d9d. I have another stab and bet 250, which zagga raises to 600 (hmmm pocket pair? If they were 10’s or higher I’d have expected zagga to re-raise me pre flop). There’s a flush draw out there with 2 cards to come so I call the extra 350 (I later checked the odds 40/60), Ac hits the river and we both check (now odds are 25/75), with the free card I get the Qd and make my flush, out goes zagga no doubt shouting K7 yah trout..

By hand 132 I caught pocket A’s (third time in the game) and Qixote8 re-raised me to go all in and couldn’t crack them and the $5 bounty from BurnleyMik found its way into my account (cheers BM)

A few hands later and I get 4th A’s of the game and re-raise cloud who folds, my stack is now over 4k.

Then comes the first grand suck out of the night, I go for a steal with A10, get re-raised by sookraboaby then cadmunkey who are both all in and it’s only 600 for me to call a 3.5k pot. Up against AJ and AK, I’m 80% to lose and what do you know the 10 comes on the flop.

I finally get the hammer after 180 hands (in the whole tournament I had 6 pocket rockets but one hammer what’s that all about?), blinds are 100/200 and cloud raises to 800 I put him all in and he calls with AQ spades, what a suck out somehow the hammer didn’t win!!

Not long after that move and another trying to steal I was on the short stack and back to 12/1 odds, this is when (I think) I played my best poker, really aggressive as everyone was nervous about the bubble.

After the bubble burst I had a stack of 6k, cloud chip leader with 7k and munkey on 5.6k… here comes second grand suck out of the night. Blinds are 200/400 with 25 ante and I get Jh2c, and go for a wee steal raising it up to 1600, munkey calls and I hit a 2 on the flop, now I’m hoping (without much conviction) that munkey hasn’t got a pair or hit the flop and bet 3200, monkey goes all in and it’s only 800 to call. He had 7s8s with two spades on the flop, no 7’s 8’s or spades on turn or river and I scoop the pot.

By This point I’ve had 4 vodkas and opened a bottle of wine at the break for my first glass of the evening (I thought this might sound like an excuse, but those that know me, know this is just tickling my toes – another bottle to go before any real impact)…… Cloud and I played about 20 hands HU before I decide to call a weakish raise with J3 (yeh I know), the flop gave me a J and I think I’m good so bet 3k, cloud goes over the top and all in, insta call by me because instead of the alarm bells going off I think he wanted to see a cheap flop, missed it and is trying to push me off a big pot… Cloud shows QQ and I’m going to be the short stack thanks to some very nice play by cloud and a heap of donkery from my good self. BOOM J on the river… and the howls of derision start flying – All I can say is I’m still standing in the corner of the room thinking about what I just did.. and counting my winnings at the same time!!

I believe there’s a bounty on my head next week so you’d better join up now, before the rush to get a part of that action!! "

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At Wednesday, 11 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


good game tho.

fortunatley for all yous, i canny make it oan sunday...

At Thursday, 12 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...... but I can


At Thursday, 12 April, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ahh well see you a week on Sunday s-man!

Excellent dD! See you there!


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