Saturday, March 31, 2007

Britbloggerment 2 + end of month stats

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To the poker and I'm not sure if my wee rant in my last post worked but last night was one of my best nights at the table for a while and this came after I won $40 at a very fishy $30 nl 6 max game at Laddys on Fri night.I also had a blast playing at Katitudes birthday tourney on Full Tilt where I scraped 7th place from 26 after I pushed my K7 into QQ when folded to my short stack.

I write here about taking a shot at $100 nl and above and forget that I was playing fairly regularly at those stakes and higher over a year ago.Just as I felt I was starting to get used to my forays up to levels like $2-$4 6 max nl ,I hit a really bad patch and never really recovered to play those stakes again.

I began by playing a player point Sat to Ladbrokes $50k freeroll on Monday and eventually made the top 29 from 296 to qualify.It was amazing the number of players who had no idea of the format and one big stack ( who had continued to play almost every hand despite being guaranteed a seat) was shocked and ask "is that it?" when the chatbox was full of "wp" etc when we beat the bubble.Oh and after folding one ( folded the hole cards) a few months back I was delighted to get my third ever Royal Flush during that Sat. Royal

After the sat I took a break and watched the excellent "Red Eye" with Mrs A before she began watching her favourite crap Horror Zone channel and I hit the tables again,this time at Party poker.

I wouldn't have called the initial raise here if there hadn't been another caller along for the ride.I was also in the big blind which made it slightly cheaper and as ever I was at a high average pot table and reckoned my chances of getting paid off if I hit were high.The villain was unlucky to hit his set and go down to my flopped straight but I was just happy to maximise my profit on the hand. $50 hand

I was still at the same table when I was dealt 55.I was happy to call a 4bb raise and even happier when I flopped dem quad biatches! Doublesas book "Pressure Poker" once again paid for itself ( although not easy to screw this hand up !) as I led out with a weak lead bet into the raiser hoping he's put me on a flush draw and raise.He'd raised with 910 preflop and the 10 on the turn and 9 on the river ensured he paid me off. 5555!

My Party table eventually tightened right up and I spent a while studying the lobbies of all the site I play at seeking a juicy table.Found one at Laddys and won another $16 before that table died and I headed to a $100 nl game at Pokerroom.

It was getting very late by then but I felt like I was in my poker groove and I managed to avoid any suckouts and leave $40 up as my table seemed to be the one players came to take a shot at.Perhaps another advantage (especially late on at weekends) of high average pot tables is that they seem to attract the tilted and stuck players who are quick to get their money in the middle and leave.

Stats time and I'm going to include my 'Stars roll for the first time.

Ladbrokes $1351,Pokerroom $780,Party $553,Full Tilt $1217,Stars $317. Total $4218.( +$439 since 15/3 and + $548 for month)

Oh and on another note I remember reading Mr High on Pokers "Jordans everywhere" post about the people who share his name and resisting the urge to post a link to the UK's very own Jordan.Well watch out America because I believe one of the US stations ( E -entertainment) has bought the rights to her reality show.She may have a couple of healthy plus points but I reckon it will still be a show made for the mute button.

Ok,time to go try and find a wee car for Mrs A.Hopefully see y'all tonight at the Blogger tourney....

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At Sunday, 01 April, 2007, Blogger the_main said...

Hey there,

We're linking to each other right now. I'm running a free-roll tourny next month in which I'm going to put a percentage of my earning for April towards the pot. It would be cool if you could tell your readers about it and I'd definately do the same if you decide to run a tourny in the future.

Here is a link to my post:

Take care,


At Sunday, 01 April, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Nice Royal there mr A, You can buy my car if you like. No radio though.

At Monday, 02 April, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

No probs Main.Just give me a shout with the date/details when available and I'll give it a mention.Our next Britblogger game is next Sun on Stars at 8.30 pm.Any and all pimpage appreciated.

Thanks Juice,it was a sweet moment and my first ever Royal at a cash table.

That was nasty what happened to your car.I remember my car got done and I was standing there 1st thing in the morning half asleep wondering why the key wouldn't turnin the lock when I looked down and realised there was no lock!Baaaaaaaaaaasssas!


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