Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blair will be there....

As usual I took a bit of time to warm up my poker ( pea) brain last night,starting with being knocked out of a Stars $2 triple shoot out,before ,moving to Laddys late night crapshoot and playing like a complete donkey.

I raised with 88 from the cut off when it was folded to me ,got one caller who put me all in on a ragged Jack high board.I had been just about to make a decent sized bet if he checked to me based on the logic that it was unlikely he hit the Jack and despite his all in bet changing everything about the hand, I was too stubborn/bored to fold.That left me with 550 chips and with the big blind already 150,I pushed when it folded to me with Qd10d and the big blind called with A9 and deservedly knocked me out.

I’ve mentioned that playing when hungry can be a leak for me as my concentration levels drop and I can begin to tilt slightly, so I registered for a laddys freeroll, and enjoyed donking out with a daft move on the first hand.I ate a bit of chocolate and hit up a Party $50 ,6 max cash table for a while,winning $25 before heading to bed.

I actually really enjoyed that last Party session and I think my love for 6 max cash games is returning at last.Perhaps the old “tourneys for show,cash for dough” mantra applies because unless I start multi-tabling $15 sng’s then I can’t see how they will ever be as profitable as the 6 max tables where opponent weaknesses seem easier to exploit.

I thought I’d share a few notes from last nights table.At 6 max it’s so much easier than full ring games to get decent reads simply because it’s so intense that it becomes harder to disguise a leaks and a players general poker style.

1) Raises with weak Aces and will play them to the river.

2) Makes min raises on all streets

3) Passive calling station who plays most hands,also made “typical party poker hands” comment when he lost with AK on a K high flop to trips.May tilt.( and did!)

4) Solid tight player who only plays prem hands.

The beauty of being able to act on this information at a cash table is that it brings in real cash profits rather than just the pleasure of knocking them out of a sng.

All kind of obvious really but it did strike me when explaining a move to the S-man recently that all poker hands are totally dependent on so many factors, many of them are almost subconscious and just feel right after you’ve played many thousands of hands, and been in similar positions.
The reason for some moves is clear such as folding my AQ on the button when the solid tight player finally made a move last night or even my move a week or so ago when I called an all in raise made by a total tilty fish with only A10.( lost to his J9 but that’s not the point!).

I enjoy people posting hands and giving their thought process during the hand but I don’t usually contribute too much to these discussions simply because I feel that it’s almost impossible to say what I would do in a seemingly marginal situation unless I was actually in the hand.
The point? Hmmm,I'll get back to you on that!

Ok,that's all for today.I'm nice and relaxed after my holiday ( apart from a sore throat) so I'll spare anyone reading a rant on how completely stupid it is that Tayside Fire and Rescue officials are looking to discipline a hero firefighter who dived into a river and saved a woman from drowning because he broke health and safety rules.Apparently he should have used the "talk reach and throw" method, which considering there were no poles etc hand to throw would have consisted of shouting "Please don't drown" at the poor young girl in trouble!
Thanks for reading....

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At Tuesday, 27 March, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

That firefighter thing is ridiculous. Political Correctness is Fkin ridiculous.Health and Safety.....ironic!

You should post your comments on any hands I post as I feel it helps to have different views and opinions.

Anyway Nice blogger label! can I nick it?

At Wednesday, 28 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The firefighter is just typical these days.

I don't tend to post any hands myself just because It seems to take ages. Instead I tend study hands myself on forums and of course I look at all my hand histories periodically.

At Wednesday, 28 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that blogger banner is fanfcukingtastic !

see you there :) (NLHE again ?)

btw was i the only non-blogger ?



At Wednesday, 28 March, 2007, Blogger Brian said...

I'm really jealous of you guys' donkey labels, especially microlimitdonkey.
I just started a new blog focused on SNG/short stack/tournament strategy content at donkeydevastation.com. Check it out if you like. Thanks.

At Wednesday, 28 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

No probs with anyone nicking the banner.The more the merrier!

Couldn't believe that firefighter story.It's a fecked up world sometimes!

I do study hand histories and forums on occasion but most of my hand history reviews ( ones that count) are on my blog.

Glad you like it dD! The last tourney was won by a non blogger!( my mate Al Eleven/Miami Mark).I'm not sure if you two were the only non-bloggers but it doesn't matter as everyone is welcome!

Thanks Brian,I will check out your site shortly mate.Good luck with the blog.

At Thursday, 29 March, 2007, Anonymous Miami (Hopefully San Jose) Mark said...


Kicked your ass, NEXT PLEASE!!

Actually thanx for support during tourney, really pleased we both did well in previous tourney, but I have to bow out of this one prior to retaining MY CROWN in the third BritBloggers tourney, great fun (especially pretending I'm a player)!! Everyone was playing like a poker player, not like a RIVERSTARS player, made it a lot harder, but a hell of a lot more fun, good luck all,

Miami (San Jose) Mark


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