Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trip Report

Tempting to simply write "Yes I did" as my trip report as that would sum up events in Amsterdam extremely well.

We arrived at Schiphol airport about 5-ish on Tuesday and jumped on the first train. Unfortunately for us it wasn't the first train train to Dam central , but to some distant suburb.I'd like to say it's not the kind of mistake a person makes twice but I recall Miami Mark and I doing the same thing a few years back.Doh!

The first night's smokin' was probably the best as we sampled the some of the Dam's finest herbs and got into our groove.On the second night my cousin managed to make pavement pizza ( he spewed bigtime) but thankfully managed to avoid being sick in the coffee shop we were in.

On Thursday evening we tried some philosophers stone shrooms and stayed in the room for most of it and laughed and smoked the night away.Last night we were on the Hawiian shrooms and they were much heavier ( maaaan) and resulted in large chunks of time simply vanishing.

Other highlights of the holiday were the man dancing around outside one coffee shop with a plant pot on his head and one funny moment where I joked with my cousin that the Thai looking young-ish girl with the much older guy was probably a mail order bride.The older guy took a quick photo and smiled smugly, she smiled back and then turned away from him ( facing towards us) and mouthed "I hate you" at him.A loving relationship....

My cousin had a great time too and lost his Amsterdam cherry to a hooker.I had to laugh when he came back to the Old Church coffee shop where I was waiting to tell me the tale and he insisted on running back to the window to ask her name.Ahh the innocence of youth!

We took cards and poker chips however only managed one game and I don't remember much about it.I did use the net for a few minutes at the Floyd coffee shop but it wouldn't let me leave blog comments or log onto my Pokerroom account for some reason.

Ok,I'm home,I'm tired and I'm ready for the blogger tourney tomorrow! Thanks to all who commented on my last post and especially to Kat for pimping the game on her blog.If I hadn't been away last week I would have emailed Tripjax,GCox25 and Jordan to request some top US pimpage.It may be a Brit blogger game but the whole world is welcome! I would also have organised a few bounties too but I suppose for the first game I should just be happy that 13 people have backed the idea so far and signed up.( thanks!).

Still ,I am just as impressed as dD that poker blogging legend Al Can't Hang is playing tomorrow evening.There's still time to register......


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