Monday, March 12, 2007

Blogger game writeup

Yesterday seemed to encapsulate the poker bloggers dilema perfectly.Dull results based posts are a yawn and getting it all out there after a night of bad beats just seems like moaning and that’s not much fun to read either.Then again my blog is my personal record of my play and results and if lady luck has deserts me on occasion then I have to post about it in one way or another.

Happily last night after watching Osasuna draw with Valencia ,I began an 18 player $15 turbo at ‘Stars to warm up for the bloggerpod freeroll and was still playing at the final table when the freeroll began.

I always have my option set to show an uncalled winning hand which is probably a waste of time as I rarely show.Still it has it’s uses and I enjoyed showing a 6 high bluff ( I was in big blind with 56) after floating in a hand until I made a decent reraise on the turn representing trip sevens.” Sick staying in to hit that other 7” was the chat jibe after the villain folded and my ego couldn’t resist showing him how wrong he was.I’m not sure I liked doing that as my tight image was partially blown and I was wary about stealing from that table afterwards.

Luckily I got a move and by the time the final table came round I had a decent lead and I managed to hang on for a nice wee win to boost the roll.Turbo sng variance really isn’t for the weak hearted.My ‘Stars roll which reached a low of $252 on Sat night is now back over the $400 mark ( for now!).

After that game I concentrated fully on the blogger freeroll and enjoyed a rollercoaster ride before going out 12th.Only a few key hands really and I began with a hammer bluff which I had to give up on the turn after I’d fired two bullets.I think I took Kat out when my big blind special of K4 flopped two fours and I didn’t get involved again until I won after a huge suckout when my 99 spiked a 9 on the river v 1010 after I’d raised preflop and gone all in post flop when it came a low rainbow.I was trying not to play in sng turbo mode but I definitely overplayed those nines.

I made a tough laydown a bit later which I’m still not sure about.I had raised ( 4 bb I think) preflop with KdKh and the big stack ( who seemed a solid player) flat called.The flop came all diamonds including the Ace and the big stack checked to me.I was tempted to take the free card and try and hit my nut flush but having raised preflop I decided to make a decent 600 stab at it to try and take it there and then and then faced an all in bet for my tourney life.

My preflop raise was probably not large enough to scare off suited connectors and hands like AK,AQ and of course he could have made a set.I decided my only clean outs were diamonds and with only a 35% chance of hitting my flush,I reluctantly folded my cowboys to await a better spot.If it was a bluff he picked his spot well!
Edit: home from work and pleased to see the player I reckoned was solid took it down.Well done Schaubs.

AQ v 95 sooted bit me when the villain made his flush before I was reduced to stealing from position to simply stay afloat.The antes had kicked in too and eventually I got caught when I pushed with A5 when it was folded to me and was called by 55 and 66.( not enough fold equity to push ‘em out).All good fun though and it was a pleasure playing at the same table as Katitude,Irongirl and the mighty wafflemeister.

Ok,back later in the week..

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At Tuesday, 13 March, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Good effort in the blogger game mate. UL with the AQ too. Keep tryin tho!!


At Tuesday, 13 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

cheers mate.Next time...


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