Sunday, March 04, 2007

ITM Full Tilt $11k Gtd

Big thanks again to Dr Pauly for stopping by and commenting on my last post.I've been an avid reader of his blog and writings for ages and I felt like I'd been visited by blogging Royalty when I saw his message.I'm looking forward to taking the Docs advice.Just over two weeks to go before I hit the Dam.

I mentioned back on Feb 18th that reading a Gcox post had inspired me to win another $26 token at one of Full Tilts $8.70,18 player turbo sats,but I still hadn't had time to use it until last night when I decided to tackle the $11k gtd at 11pm long with 563 others.

I started out playing a tight game from early position and saw a few cheap but fruitless flops from the cut off and button.My table was quite fishy apart from a shark on my right so stealing opportunities were few and far between and I had to pick my spots and players to steal from very carefully.I stayed at my first table for most of the MTT and that meant I had a chance to really get to know the villains and that helped me keep my stack at a playable level.

With 180 left I was still hovering around near the bottom of the pile, but hanging in and making aggressive moves whenever a decent opportunity came.Around this time I was moved to another table and to the immediate right of the tourney chip leader calling station and his 100k stack.This wasn't good news at all and I was forced into shove or fold poker just to stay alive in the game.At least pushing all in gave me some fold equity and I began to steal quite blatantly as we neared the top 54.

I seemed to be doing quite well and then my mindset changed from going all out for the final table to looking to jump another couple of places.I suppose this is where my lack of MTT experience came into play and before long although I'd been in the bottom 10% for nearly the whole game,I found myself nearing the final table.The blinds were getting huge and as I'd cut out my stealing and wasn't catching anything playable I moved all in (when folded to me and two hands away from being eaten by blinds) with K8.A villain raised to isolate,showed 55 and I finished 12th for $148.

I really don't play many Mtt's and when I do go out of any I do play it's usually with a few regrets but apart from a wee window in the game where I possibly tightened too much,I felt I played decent poker and made the most of the situations I found myself in.I never had over 20k throughout the whole game so I don't feel I was hard donr by in not making the final table and the better prizes.

Donked off $40 at a Laddys cash table afterwards after making a daft river call before winning back just over $40 at a Party $50 nl game when I chased a flush and got paid off on the river after making marginal calls on the flop and turn.( overcards and flushdraw v loose tilty player I felt would pay me off if I hit)

Ok to the stats and I'm just happy to have made a profit over the last fortnight after a host of bad plays and a few nasty beats.My 'Stars roll will remain outside my main BR for now.

Pokerroom $814,Full Tilt $1174,Ladbrokes $1262,Party $420.Total $3670 ( + $103 since Feb 18th)

Just watched Rangers beat Hibs 2-0 at Easter road with two fine goals from Charlie Adam.I've got a theatre trip on Tuesday night followed by the 1st leg of the Gers Uefa cup game v Osasuna
on Thursday.

Back soon....

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At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Well done!

At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Rosie.I did my best to rottie 'em!

At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger TripJax said...

Congrats yo.

At Monday, 05 March, 2007, Blogger Klopzi said...

Congrats on the finish!

At Tuesday, 06 March, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks guys!


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