Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bacon saved ....then fried

Mrs A and I watched a couple of movies ( Little Miss Sunshine and Enemy at the gates) before she went to bed and I hit the tables around 1.30am.I started with some 6 max at a very fishy table but I just couldn't catch a hand to break the donator.Some other guy was tapping the aquarium bigtime and I broke my usual chat silence to try and keep the fish present using Juices "No guts,no glory " mantra.The funniest part of it all was that he was so fishy that whenever anyone else dropped a couple of dollars below the $50 buy-in they instantly rebought ,not wanting to miss out when they got it in the middle with Mr Fish.

Mr Fish was finally broken and left and shortly afterwards I did too.I lost $20 at another 6 max table, before hitting a $100 nl table which just seemed too juicy to be true with an average pot of $50.This happened and I was all ready to go to bed and call todays post "bacon saved".

Greed is good ( according to Geko and Mr Edge) and as I was feeling good sitting $50 up at the table I wasn't for moving.Unfortunately the cards and my own donkery cost me that $50 profit and another $50 leaving me $80 down for the session ( and week) at Laddys.

$44 was lost overplaying AQ on an 8 8 5 board ( 2 clubs).I thought I had a tight image until my 5bb raise was called by 5 players meaning it was a $29 pot.I led out for $15 when it was checked to me and got 1 caller.I couldn't put the villain on the 8 so I fired another $24 bullet on the turn after a harmless looking 2s,only to fold to ( villain 28% vpip which was tight for this table) a reraise to $48.If he semi-bluffed me off with a flush draw then fair play to him, but by then I realised I couldn't even beat AK let alone any pair and although I'd seen Ace and King high win several big pots I just didn't feel I was ahead and could continue in the hand.

Looking back at Pokertracker I also lost a daft hand ( $36 pot) when I bet the river with a straight ( I had J9) because I was sure the villian hadn't made the flush that was out there.I was right but he had made the higher straight with his KQ and was happy to call me down.The old adage about not betting because I was only going to be called by a better hand came to mind.

It just felt like one of those nights when not much hit and I was zigging and zagging at all the wrong moments .I'm tempted to blame the poker bloggers curse after yesterdays post about how I should be feeling I can beat the table whenever I sit down.Not by playing like that I wont!

Ok,that's enough of my fishy play for one post.Mrs A is working tonight so it's dinner for Step A and me then I'm off to donk it up.....

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