Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spilled the glue

So, I said to Mrs A as I was about to head off to the football on Thursday night "You gonna miss me?" in a half joking kinda way."No" she replied,sounding all serious and instead of going to the game ,enjoying watching Rangers win 4-0 in our biggest win of the season,I was at home trying to save our relationship.Without going into detail we are going to keep working at it and will hopefully come out stronger together.One of her complaints was that we don't go out enough and whilst I can accept that ,part of the reason is that every penny goes towards our next sunshine holiday.There's probably not many couples go abroad 3 times a year but this year we're only going away in Sept so there should be more cash for the comedy nights,cinema,meals out etc that we enjoyed when we first met.

All this after I'd kind of got used to the idea that ( Mrs A's a bit older than me and going through the change) I'd never have any kids of my own.A fellow bloggers kind words ( she knows who she is!) were a great help in letting me see that I can be ( and am) close to Step A and not having any kids that are biologically mine wouldn't leave a big gap in my life.Women eh? Can't live with 'em ,can't shoot 'em! hehehe

Ok,enough! Back to the important stuff....da poker!

I didn't play at all on Thursday night but managed a few games last night,winning a FT $11 sng ,crashing out of another and coming 3rd at a 'Stars 18 player $15 turbo.I also won my first table at a $2.75 triple turbo Sunday Mill sat but never managed to get going in the 2nd round.
I also managed to donk off $20 at a Laddys cash table when I overplayed AJ on a ragged K J 3 rainbow flop with one of those daft moments where all logic said the villian had paired the K ( KQ he had) but my brain insisted he was bluffing me.Doh.

Ok,this afternoon Mrs A and I are donning the matching welly boots ( nae matching wax jackets ,we aint that sad) and taking Nacho to the local park for a walk in the (light) rain before hopefully renting Saw 3 for tonight.

Maybe some poker later, but more probably on Sunday night when Mrs A is working.Something to take from last night was, that even after one night off I found myself really enjoying the game more,especially the sngs'.I've always seen myself as a cash player, but these days it seems such a grind compared to the excitement and drama of the world of sng turbo's.

After reading one of Jordan's latest posts where he wrote ""But I try to offer advice that I have found useful, and a cornerstone to my philosophy is that in order to succeed you must be confident", I'm trying to start my games with a wee pep talk to myself. I accept I make make the odd donk move and can't influence my cards to hold up but if all else is equal then I can be as good or better than anyone at my table.Maybe part of the reason I take so long to actually start playing most nights has been that I'm a lazy git. Whilst I love that feeling of being at a table so long that I have reads on most players and have the dynamic all worked out ,I hate the blind part at the start of an sng or cash game where I have almost zero info.

Righty I've babbled on enough for today.Thanks for stopping by.

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At Sunday, 25 February, 2007, Blogger snoopy1239 said...

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At Sunday, 25 February, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Fair enough Snoops,I've added your link.
All the best,

At Monday, 26 February, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Sorry to hear about the family strife. I know from personal experience that its tough when you work and have to deal with other problems on the top. What i will say is that its easy for fellow bloggers to comment and tell you it will be ok etc etc but ultimately its a lot different on the ground.

That said as ive said on other occassions all you can do is play the cards your dealt and try not to worry about what will be!

P.s As for rangers its not like they are going to win the UEFA cup anyhow!

At Monday, 26 February, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Juice.Sensible stuff apart from your last line!


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