Sunday, February 11, 2007

Juicy Pots

Ok, so I've registered at and I'll try posting hands in that format from now on, as looks a lot neater and I can't do anything daft like forget to post what I was dealt in the hand.I've resisted before because I was able to view blogs from work but unable to follow the links to pokerhand.I've also upgraded my blogger account so if anyone notices anything stranger than usual around these parts then give me a shout.

I ended up having a fine night at the tables last night ,not getting to bed until just before 6am due to how soft my final cash table at Laddys was.I began my night with a 4th place in an 18 player $15 turbo at 'Stars before donking out of a $2.20 Sunday Million triple shoot-out sat.

Miami Mark headed off so I played one more 18 plyr $15 turbo and took it down fairly quickly after the bubble finally burst.After a few 4th place finishes ( top 4 get paid ) it was nice to take one down and I felt I'd played well and done all my bobbing and weaving at the right times.

I lost about $10 at a FT cash table before returning to Ladbrokes for some late night 6 max action and I'm glad I did.I began by playing a very tight game as usual and made my first wee steal from position with this hand... .

My vpip % for the 141 hands played was 29% and my preflop raise % was 12% which is higher than my average 7%.Since watching IStrongs 6 max vid's I've tried to be more aggressive preflop.I need to be careful as I've always been a winning player ( 8-9bb per 100 over 22k hands at $50 nl Laddys) and I don't want to change too much about my game.I realise though that to win at tougher tables and higher stakes I need to up my pf aggression.I'm wary also of missing set ( hitting 3 of a kind on the flop) opportunities by taking pots preflop with hands like 88 instead of taking advantange of the massive implied odds that sets offer at micro-levels. was the hand that really set me on my way for the night.Sundman was multi-tabling and had a big stack at most of his tables but I felt that given time I had an edge over him and could make it pay.The villian from the two later hands I'll post was also multi-tabling and I took advantage by opening their tables and stealing their blinds when they were already involved in big hands.In this hand Sundman( 50% vpip 25% preflop raise) made the 4bb raise and I put him to the test by reraising to $8.I didn't put him on a 10 or KK/AA and reckoned I was good so I got my money in on the flop.Thankfully it held up. was my next biggy and I only called the preflop raise with my KK because I reckoned I could make more postflop if the flop was good or I could easily get away if an Ace fell.The villian was the other multi-tabler I mentioned and had a tendency to over-value hands when he did get involved.I didn't even need the King on the turn to win and that hand probably led to his call of my all in bet a couple of minutes later. was that hand and my only regret was forgetting to type "Dem's quad beetches" into the chat.It was a big blind special and my reasons for the all in were two-fold.Firstly it was only 2 mins since I had taken the villians last stack and he may have been slightly tilty/out for revenge, and secondly I hoped my read of him being on the flush draw and hitting on the turn or on a pocket pair ( giving him a full house) was correct and that he would pay me off.

All in all a good nights poker.I played quite a lot of 3-4 handed at that table too as it was generally me,Sundman and Cuno with others arriving,donating and leaving.My time spent playing sng's has helped my game too especially as I now have a lot more experience in very shorthanded situations.

All that and Rangers won 3-1 today with Boyd scoring a hat-trick.

I'm not sure why new blogger wants me to label posts ( for search engines maybe?) but I'll give it a go.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.....

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At Monday, 12 February, 2007, Blogger Klopzi said...

Hey there -

Just wanted to make a brief comment about your VP$IP and PFR%.

I think ISTRONG's videos are definitely going to help you work on your pre-flop aggression, which is necessary when looking at how you're running right now.

With a VP$IP of about 30%, you PFR% should be around the 20% mark. Otherwise, you're limping too often and cold-calling too many raises.

Here's some quick suggestions:
1. Don't cold call with pocket pairs: raise and take the initiative.
2. Don't limp with Axs. If you're going to play Axs, come in raising or raise in position to isolate limpers.
3. Stay away from Ax and other crap hands unless you're on the button and feel that a raise could take the pot pre-flop.

By raising often pre-flop, you'll find your opponents off balance and easily dominated post-flop. Trust in your cards and trust in yourself.

At Monday, 12 February, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the comment Klopzi.One thing to bear in mind is that I usually select loose tables with high average pots (almost always 6 max) and I'm not sure I'd ever want to hit the 20% pfr figure there.

I'm at my best playing against LA's and maniacs and most of the time I'm happy to let them take the lead preflop.

I like lethal limping at these tables because if I hit big I generally get paid off.

If/when I move up though I can see that I'll defintely need to ramp things up as per your advice.

At Wednesday, 14 February, 2007, Blogger Marky said...

Awesome session Acornman...wp
You are now officially on my blogroll, maybe I could make your extensive list too.
Anyway, good luck at the tables...

At Thursday, 15 February, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Marky.Consider it done.


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