Friday, February 09, 2007


The S-man visited on Wednesday night as planned and we managed to get our KK beaten by AQ ( all in preflop) in the 2nd hand of an $11 FT turbo before taking 3rd in a $6 sng ,all on the s-mans account.I played an 18 player $15 turbo later and scraped into the money in 4th for a $9 profit.

Last night was more profitable and most of my good fortune came at the cash tables.I’d warmed up with another 4th in an 18 plyr $15 turbo before hitting the ‘Stars $50 nl 6 max tables.A few hands in and I’m dealt AA and end up stacking a fish who unbelievably played AK all the way to the river on a ragged rainbow board.I was worried about trips and two pair all the way and was stunned by his call.I don’t think he put me on any hand at all and was simply over excited by his AK or on tilt.

The Laddys late night crapshoot was calling and so was the villain that knocked me out with A9 ( Ace on river ) when I got frisky with my 55 during level 7.I moved to a juicy cash table ( $13 ave pot) and nearly left as it was only a $30 buy in.I was glad I stayed when my flopped 2 pairs doubled me up and after making a good laydown with QQ v KK ,I left and watched part of Miami Marks $55 turbo sng.MM certainly has more gamble in him than I do and has done well to win a few $55 sng’s to build his Stars roll.I know my ‘Stars roll is my “take a shot” roll but I’m still too conservative ( tight ass’d) to jump up so high unless I have a few more buy ins in my ‘Stars account.

I do have money from blog ads sitting on Paypal, and I may use that to top up my ‘Stars account should I go bust there, rather than use cash from my main bankroll.With that in mind I may try and take more chances.I just wish my mindset was just a little more fearless.I sometimes wonder why I bother having a $3k roll spread around sites when I could probably get by with a lot less.Hmmm.

Anyway it was getting late by this time and I could feel my concentration slipping so I unregistered from a 5 player $5 turbo at Pokerroom and played a play money sng instead.It felt good to bet like a madman and go out in four hands with nothing at stake.

For my last adventure of the night I decided on a quick 15 mins at the $100 nl 6 max Party table with the highest average pot.( $36). I waited for the big blind and found myself in that rare poker utopian situation where I get dealt AA and there’s a $3 bet,a reraise to $10 and then the action is on me.

I raised to $24 ,the original raiser folded and I’m faced with a $76 call for the rest of my stack.Bottom line is I doubled up v KK and surgery wouldn’t have removed my smile.
My next hand was KK, and this time I’m not sure if I bottled it or made a good laydown, as I laid it down to a bet on the turn despite a fairly non –scary board.Trips were my main concern along with the worry that it would be just my luck to win with AA v KK and then lose with KK v AA in the very next hand.It only cost me $12 though and I left after that, happy with my nights work.

I hadn't planned on any poker tonight but Mrs A has declined my offer of a meal out/cinema etc as she has a headache brought on due to a sinus problem so.......I may hit the tables afterall.

Enjoy the weekend....


At Friday, 09 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good night...we came second in the $6 tho!

At Sunday, 11 February, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

T'was indeed a fine evening.Cheers for the correction.


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