Monday, February 05, 2007


I'd played a few Sng's on Sat night before my cousin arrived later on.I fired up a 'Stars $15 turbo and had a big chip lead when my connection failed and wouldn't reboot.The result was the end of my sng and end of my broadband until a nice helpful chap who could actually speak English was able to help me get back online tonight.My 'Stars form has not been great in recent games and I was feckin' furious that I'd been fecked over by my connection just as I felt as though I was playing really well and certainly headed for the money.That's adsl eh.

Yesterday I played in my first live game of the year at the Wabash poker club in Glasgow,spending £12 to buy in ,a £5 rebuy and then a rebuy and an add on.Rebuys are still alien to me and I began my loosening up to gamble plan by making a really daft call with a Jack high flush draw when to two other players had already flopped the flush.It was a silly mistake but I was determined to put it behind me and hope I may reap the benefit of it later by getting action.

I made a flush a few hands later with a call I wouldn't have made if it hadn't been for the rebuy format and had an above average stack for a while.Calling a raise with AK soooted,missing and folding cost me but the fatal hand was the very last one of the rebuy period when I ended up all in with nines v A7 only for an Ace to fall.I took my rebuy plus add on and quickly built that up in the freezeout period, when I hit trip sixes and doubled up.

I was moved to a 6 handed table with a few big aggressive stacks and had to bide my time until I was very short on chips and pushed with Jacks,made a set but was flushed down the river.I plan on playing again soon ( maybe even this Sunday) and I hope I've learned more from my experience and can play a much better and more fearless game next time.

I arrived home and enjoyed a forced break from the net and poker.Heck I even watched some of the Superbowl first half and US Football has never been my thing.I followed that by watching some pokernight live ( gotta get my fix somehow) and getting a reasonably early night.

Ok, pizza time...


At Tuesday, 06 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello !
(its me, your original lurker)

oh u little minx !! playing live :))

never played a live hand in my life ... my my, a fcuking virgin at my age !
so, whats Wabash like ? games available ?
most importantly for me, how long were you there ?
with 3 under 5's the missus aint gonna be to chuffed if i disappear for god knows how many hours, especially on a weekend !



At Tuesday, 06 February, 2007, Blogger littleacornman said...

Hello dD,yes live play indeed!

for more on the Wabash club.I've not been a lot but any time I have, I've enjoyed it and had a friendly welcome.

The Sunday £5 rebuy starts at 3pm ( register by phone from 2pm) and there is a 1 hr 3/4 rebuy period.I came 12th on Sunday and left just before 7pm.( 28 starters)

I hope ye manage to sweet talk the missus and get a game some day!


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