Friday, January 26, 2007

Fri Update

I managed to finish Wednesday night with a 1st place in a ‘Stars $15 turbo which helps keep my small ‘Stars roll afloat.Last night I was over at Mother Acorns for dinner and I played a few $5 sng’s at Party.The play seemed incredibly fishy there and my Mum and I managed a 5th,3rd and 2nd in our games by playing a very tight bet big or go home type game.One advantage to betting big at that level is that fish who only use level one thinking ( What cards do I have?) see the big bet ,look at the board and so long as it doesn’t hit their hand too hard ,they will fold.I’m no expert but I’m trying to teach my Mum to sense opportunities aswell as playing her big cards hard.

An example would be when we made up the small blind with 34 off and along with the big blind and the button we saw a lowish ragged rainbow flop.The bb had obviously clicked the check/fold button so whilst they could have got lucky and hit top pair ,it was unlikely.This left only the button to get through so we bet out just over the pot and took it down uncontested.

It’s frustrating not being able to keep up with blogs from work anymore and I caught up a bit last night.I was sorry to read the other day that Cadmunkey has given up his blog and that Klopzi is taking a bit of a backseat too.Both are enjoyable reads and I hope they don’t vanish off the radar altogether.

I hit the tables fairly late on last night after arriving home and manged 3rd in a $6 sng and 2nd in an $11 game before donking out the last one I played.The 2nd place was frustrating because it meant I made about $6 profit overall and as I posted earlier in the week it’s winning them that keeps the roll heading the right way.No complaints about getting my awesome K3 busted by Q8 sooted at the end of that game.

Mrs A is keeping herself busy this weekend so I’ve got a load of poker and the Rangers game tomorrow to look forward to.

Have a good one...


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