Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fish Talk

Thanks to cell 1919 and the s-man for comments left on my last post.Cell wrote about the luck factor in turbos sng's and there's no doubt the sheer speed of turbo's seem to mean the beats come round faster.As ever though the trick is being able to suck 'em up and keep firing the right bullets at the right time.

Easier said ( or written) than done.I came 2nd in a $22 turbo last night after getting all the chips in Heads up with 77 v 33 only for a 3 to fall on the river.Instead of showing all the character I've been on about recently I played below par in a couple more and then donked off $50 at a Laddys cash table.The cash table donk off was actually all on one hand of $100 nl 6 max and afterwards I was just pleased I managed to beat the "awfuckits" and fold when the villian raised all in.

I'm not long back from Ibrox, where Walter Smith made a happy return to manage Rangers, as we beat Dundee Utd 5-0 with goals from Boyd ( 2) ,Adam,Burke and Ferguson.It was our biggest win of the season and hopefully we can now sign a few new players and take things forward.

Ok,for your reading pleasure if you've ever wondered what fish think when they play here's a wee insight courtesy of the s-man ( yerabawbag) who was watching one of my tables and winding up the losers.I don't believe in tapping the glass but in this case I'll make an exception.

I've edited the chat box conversation and provided the fishies Sharkscope stats.I was particularly taken with fish 1 asking fish 2 how much he has "invested" so far.

Games pl Ave loss pr gme ave stke roi Net loss
Fish 1 546 -$2 $7 -23% -$1,159

Fish 2 331 -$1 $11 -15% -$427

yerabawbag (Observer): @&%# me, Fish 1, have u really lost
nearly $1.2k?

Fish 1: yes yera
Fish 1: i've lost alot of dough
Fish 1: how'd u know that ? lol
Fish 2: calculatem
Fish 1: and why would u be intrested?
Fish 1: but im a big baller so its all good
Fish 1: im just wondering why some out the blue
who aint the table would look my stuff up

yerabawbag (Observer): i'm trying to work out why people
Fish 2: there is software to keep track of people
Fish 1: cuz of fantasy man

Fish 1: poker players who lose like me, are usually
Fish 2: i just researched it this week,anybody hear of pokerspyware?

Fish 1: ok

yerabawbag (Observer): k, why u a dreamer?

Fish 1 : sounds interesting

Fish 2 : yera how much have i lost?

Fish 1 : because life is ridiculously hard that
sometimes u beleive , ur gonna catch a break some how

Fish 2 : amen

Dealer: Fish 1 calls 420
Fish 1: this is my some how
Dealer: villian shows a pair of Queens
Dealer: Fish 1 mucks
Dealer: Villian wins the pot (1,920) with a pair of Queens

Fish 1: damn QK

Fish 1: lol

Fish 1: had QJ

Fish 1: Its My Way Of Trying To Make Money
Legally....Its Not a Realiable Way But The Possibilty Is
Always There.

Fish 1: Fish 2 U Ever Found Out How Much U've

Fish 2: nope

Fish 1: What U Think Just Around The Same?
fISH 2: yeah

Fish 1: He Said I Was 2gs?

yerabawbag (Observer): Fish 1, i guess u've got to play the
lottery to win...but don't judge your worth against the cards...

Fish 2: i have done a lot of research and this is a scam

Fish 1: Naw Its Entertaining At The Same Time And
Over All Its Fun To Dream If U Got The Money To Back It Up

Fish 2: bots and winholdem software

Fish 1: I HEar U Man
Fish 2: yeah it is

Fish 1: Wouldnt Doubt It....Sometimes Things
Seem To eerily Set Up

yerabawbag (Observer): Fish 2, wot are bots and winholdem

Fish 2: check it out

yerabawbag (Observer): intersting...

Fish 2: i know scared the hell out of me

Fish 2: about to quit for good

yerabawbag (Observer): **confused**

yerabawbag (Observer): if its all rigged, why do we play?

Fish 2: its fun but everbody has seen some weird stuff
on these sites

yerabawbag (Observer): mmm... i'm off to investigate further,

Fish 2: good luck

The Spade 13: get out now

That's all folks..


At Sunday, 14 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rangers are back :-)

At Sunday, 14 January, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

And not before time! The only way is up...

At Monday, 15 January, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

where is up? The english conference?

At Monday, 15 January, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Don't knock the conference.The team you follow when not in glory hunter mode look as if they are headed there...( QPR for anyone wondering)

At Monday, 15 January, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

At least my rangers dont have delusions of gradeur like their scottish namesakes! WE just have delusions of adequacy!


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