Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday at last

It’s been a quiet couple of nights since my last post.I’ve still not moved my blog over to the new version yet and I seem to be having trouble leaving comments on others blogs who have taken the plunge..Hmmf.

I’ve begun reading Scott Fischmans “Online Ace” and the first part that knocked me over the head was the reminder that playing poker when distracted is not clever.It’s hardly an advanced concept, but staying patient and also watching the table closely are both vital to playing the player aswell as the cards dealt.I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it.( probably whilst sat at an $11 turbo….)

Reading back over my last post on poker confidence I think the point I was trying to make was, that having never particularly excelled at any sports or hobbies, I sometimes find it hard to believe in myself at the poker table despite being a winning player over a couple of years.I’m not even sure winning at micostakes and low level sng’s is much of an achievement.I read a forum where a poster reckoned he could teach almost anyone to have a great ITM ( in the money) success rate in $11 sng’s and I do wonder why, when the winning formula seems so simple, ( ultra tight,very aggressive) that more people don’t beat these games.

Then again maybe I need to give myself and other winners at low stakes a bit more credit.I’ve played sng’s with friends watching and I’m whilst moves seem obvious to me the explanations as to why I did a instead of b depend on a ton of variables,some of which a monkey could follow and some which are far more subtle. It also kind of begs the question that if it’s that easy why don’t a far higher percentage of players win online?

I sat at that fishy ( $25k lost between them) sng at ‘Stars the other night ( $15 +1) and wondered just what goes through the minds of these players and why they don’t think to adapt their games.I think one of the advantages of sticking to turbos is that they attract far more action junkies who generally play fast and loose and are often seeking the buzz of winning a big pot rather than to consistently win money.

I didn’t watch “Colin and Justin on the estate” last night but apparently they were in Arden near Thornliebank in Glasgow to see if they can regenerate the “run down Glasgow council estate”.The S-man got a house there about 15 years ago and I shared it with him for nearly a year.The programme review says “The programme-makers gleefully capture the full graffiti-stained, broken-bottled, damp and urine-perfumed ambience in all its gory glory”.

"I hope they come with a f***ing armed guard," one local resident tells the camera, "they're going to f***ing need it." It seems things have improved since we were there then and were burgled six times and I had a knife held to my throat! I remember the local neds leaning in the open window of the s-mans bedroom and setting fire to the net curtains whilst the s-man was taking a nap. Ahh the good old days…..

Ok,that’s all for today.Have a great weekend.


At Friday, 12 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wondered if you'd be watching C&J..hehe...

I watched a bit and it looks fookin 20 times mankier (if possible)...

liked the stories - what about the car set on fire outside the house or the guy upstairs who smacked our door with an axe or the guy with the tat on his heid (u know who i mean)...

At Saturday, 13 January, 2007, Blogger Swifty said...

I've just ordered Fischman's book - it's been recommended by more than one person.

I agree about the distraction bit, which is why I'm responsing to your blog while playing a turbo *blushes*.

The winning formula, especially in turbo, has one other requirement which even Ivey can't control. Luck.

I've literally just played a hand where I have trip Kings and a King high flush. My one opponent has the Ace (plus rag) for the flush while I have the King. The odds say I have to play it for all it's worth. 95% of the time I win a big pot. I didn't. Probably the difference between cashing and trying to find a hand to go all in on and cross my fingers.

Would I do the same again? Good question. The odds say I should, but....

At Sunday, 14 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turbo sit and go's can be soooo cruel especially the low limit ones.

The amount of luck you need to take one of these down is so underestimated. It becomes a crapshoot and if the cards aren't on your side it can become soul destroying.

Good luck man

At Sunday, 14 January, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Derby,it can be soul destroying.I just keep thinking that we all suffer the beats,it's those who can rise above them better that come out ahead in this game.


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