Friday, December 29, 2006

Fri Update

I'm still getting over the last remenants of my man flu.My cough is still worse than Charles Ingrams ("Millionaire") but the sore throat has finally gone and I can at least breathe more easily.

Watching Rangers pathetic peformance up in Inverness the other night ( lost 2-1 to a last minute goal) didn't do much for my mood, however Miami Mark and S-man were over and we played a few £2 sng's in my kitchen after the game.It was only 3 handed, so we played turbos with blinds up every 7 mins ( by the last game).I busted MM's hammer with 99.We were all in preflop and saw a 7 2 4 flop.A blank turn, before the 4 on the river gave me a better two pairs.I finished £4 up after winning a £3 bounty in the last game.All good fun and when Mrs A came home from work MM set up a horse race card game and we had a blast with that.It was great to see MM and the s-man.Thanks to the wonders of Skype the world really does seem a smaller place, but there's no subsitute for a proper sesh.

The funniest thing about the holdem sng's was that despite the tiny entry fee there were hardly any uncalled hands shown.We all play online a lot together and nobody wanted to give anything away!

Mrs A was working again last night but I didn't hit the tables until late on as I'm trying to be more disciplined about playing when unwell/tired.I bombed out the late night crapshoot when my 66 couldn't hold up v QJ and J8 but won back my entry fee by winning an all in or fold $2 sng.Enjoyed chattting it up with Juice and Rottie before switching off the IM when Mrs A came home.Just before I did though, I managed to give myself a fat lip when I won a tug of war with Nacho over a bone and had been pulling so hard I punched myself in the face!hmmmm nice.

I decided to two table full ring $50 nl at Ladbrokes and played a fairly patient game awaiting the right opportunity.It came when a loose goose player raised to $1 and I called with Ks8s from the button.I called on the basis that I would need to hit a monster or get out, because I felt I could get the villians stack if I did hit.I noticed the other night after a small win, my flop seen % rose to 60%, as I was using the above logic to limp with too many marginal holdings from late position.I suppose that is where experience comes in.What I mean is that I wouldn't advocate playing Ks8s from anywhere as it's a crap hand, but under the right circumstances I'm well aware that it's more well hidden hands hitting big that usually pays off the most."Win a small pot or lose a big pot" is the usual mantra for AA/KK.

Anyway there were 4 other callers so I wasn't the only one not respecting mr loose goose's preflop raise.The flop came Qc 4s Qs and Mr LG checked ( terrible play) and the turn brought an As giving me the nut flush, but on the paired board.Now Mr LG
bet out $5 and got one more caller before the action was on me.I was tempted ( and probably should ) to raise but called too, and we saw an 8d on the river.Mr LG and the other caller checked, which looked weak to me, so I bet $14 reckoning my flush was good.Mr LG thought, and reraised all in for another $33, and I fretted for nearly the full 30 seconds before making what I felt was probably a crying call, only to see him show Qd3d and, the pot come my way.I don't think I played it very well ( better than Mr LG though) but after losing $9 at my other table, I was happy to switch off $35 up.

Looks like Mrs A and I are visiting friends for Hogmany which should be a fine evening as we've not seen them for a while.

Ok,thanks for reading...


At Friday, 29 December, 2006, Anonymous s-man said...

excellent night m8 - but if i get ur m-flu (u snivelling wreck), ur baws are getting booted!

What Acorn didn't say is that he sucked out on all his wins... ;-)

He also 'forgot' having a stash of beer, which was suitably tanked after Mrs A said 'have you offered the boys a beer' which point MM and myself looked at each other and thought, 'he's been drinkin' ours all night!'

Fortunately, the scales of justice were balanced.....

Great night tho Acorn - cheers.

At Friday, 29 December, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

A fine night indeed but after your A2 ( all in) beat my 88 I wouldn't go writing about suckouts!

ps wot beer?

At Saturday, 30 December, 2006, Blogger derbywhite said...


You think Rangers are bad. I'll tell you what. I'll swap my leeds season ticket for your Rangers one.

happy new year

At Saturday, 30 December, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Aye,Happy new year indeed Derby...

Here's hoping both clubs get their act together in '07.

all the best,

At Wednesday, 03 January, 2007, Anonymous Miami Mark said...

Just for the record S-Man had 3% chance of winning with his K6 v my A7 post flop with an A on the board... A suckout night indeed!! Looking forward to the next one, but I'm coming back in the summer next year the winter is just toooooo cold in Scotland. Great sesh looking forward to more on-line,

Miami Mark


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