Thursday, December 21, 2006

Duck Santa

Mark was over for our weekly xbox fest and we’ve now met and defeated plenty of headcrabs in Half-life 2.

After he left I played Laddys Late night crapshoot again and hadn’t played a hand when Mrs A arrived back from work at midnight.I look down to a pair of tens and decide to go all in and pay the good lady some attention.I ran into Aces,no help from the board and I’m about to switch my laptop off when I realise I have 10 chips left ( 2000 starting stack).I wish this story had a happier ending ( like a final table or ITM finish) but I did at least double through on the next hand ,the hand after that and the one after that.This was partly due to donks shoving each other out of pots with rubbish hands.Each time I thought I was out( they pulled me back in) ,my Ace high on a paired board proved to be good.I went from 10 chips to 2.5k but couldn’t catch a hand or chance to steal and eventually went out when I had my A2 busted by AQ….

Just been to the local pub for a lovely meal with my parents and as Mrs A is working I think it's time to hit the tables.

Before I go I couldn't help but smile at the story below from todays paper...

SANTA has been forced to wear a hard hat to protect him from mince-pie-hurling neds.A gang of around six youths targeted Father Christmas while he was handing out chocolate coins to kids in a shopping mall.

His bosses carried out a risk assessment and decided that for health and safety reasons, he must wear a helmet from now on.Santa said: "It's a tough job being Santa at the best of times."Trying to get down all those narrow chimneys is difficult enough, without having to wear a safety helmet"But I don't want to let all the children down."So, even if it looks a bit odd, I will just have to wear my festive hard hat."

He added that he would defy his attackers by dishing out gifts to youngster sat the Paisley Centre on Saturday afternoon.

The assaults on the jolly chap happened a year after neds attacked Santa at the same mall.

Malcolm Watret, 52, who was Santa last year, was forced to defend himself with a five-foot Christmas tree after being set upon by a gang of teenage boys.

They knocked him to the ground and launched a shopping trolley at him before security guards chucked them out.

Speaking after the incident, the furious dad-of-two, of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, said: "I didn't see them coming.

What kind of idiots would attack Santa?"

Andrew MacKinnon, manager of the Paisley Centre, admitted the mall has a problem with youths throwing missiles.

And he said the latest incident has left this year's Santa shaken.

He said: "Some customers looked really shocked as the mince pies rained down on him.

"The neds really made mincemeat of Santa."

Andrew added that Father Christmas will not be allowed to stand in his grotto without the specially modified hard hat, complete with reindeer antlers.

He said: "I think this was a bit of Christmas high jinks by the local neds.

"I look on it as a health and safety matter, more than anything else."


At Friday, 22 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's both hilarious and tragic at the same time. Not sure if I should be laughing at the image of a Santa defending himself with a christmas tree.

At Friday, 22 December, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Oh go on.You're allowed to laugh!


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