Monday, December 11, 2006

Turbos n Graphs

I watched Chelsea draw 1-1 with Arsenal yesterday ,spent some time with Mrs A,saw a man about a dog and eventually hit the tables later on for a few sng's.I was 9th in the first one after speculating on a few hands that never hit and having every continuation bet reraised.I've decided that I detest being dealt AJ from early position near the start of sng's.AJ is driving me bonkers.In a standard speed sng AJ would be an easy fold but at a turbo I feel it's worth playing but how best to do so is the question.I hate limping at turbo sng's although I will limp with low-med pairs and hands like KQ/KJ from late postion during the first couple of levels, but after they are over I believe raise or fold is the way to go.Anyways the last few times I've had it I've raised preflop and had to lay it down so maybe I'll add it to my preflop limping hands.

The next $11 turbo went well and I managed to win that one before donking my way out of the last one on the bubble.Funny how I don't remember much about the one I won yet my donkey bubble play sticks in my mind.The annoying part is that I was paying full attention to the table and was well aware that the fish on my right was calling large bets with very little but I decided that I was UTG any big move would look all the stronger so I pushed with K4 only for the fish to wake up to a shiney KJ hearts.No help from the board and I was out.I've been trying to push harder on the bubble recently but it's a fine balancing act between stealing and risking my sng life and it's certainly a part of my game which needs work.

Off to visit the S-man just now for a little poker.He has also been kind enough to agree to take a look at my old pc and see if it would be cheap to fix up as Step A wants a pc for Xmas.We've spent loads already and I don't feel at 12yrs old she'd make full use of a brand new one so hopefully fixing the old one will work.

Before I go here's my latest ( edge of the seat stuff) Sharkscope graph with all 101 sng's at FT on it.Below that is the graph of all my position finishes so far.After a terrible start at FT hopefully I'm getting my sng game on track....


At Tuesday, 12 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Acornman,
impressive graph! Lets hope the upward trend continues. How do you find the standard of play on the $11 turbos at FT?

p.s. thanks for the tip about the $8 sats to the $26 events. Cheers.


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