Sunday, December 03, 2006

Full speed ahead

I played eleven $11 turbo sng's yesterday ( from 6pm to 4.30am)and according to Sharky I made $46.I also played in the FT $11K GTD but went out when my flopped straight ran into a rivered full house.That happened in one of the sng's too and I wonder if I slow played the hands too much.I was betting but only enough to build the pot.Still it's a fine balancing act between extracting the max and allowing opponents to catch up.No complaints at all though the $26 mtt exit was a little painful at the time.Fair play to Miami Mark who lasted longer than I did and went down in flames paying the hammer hard.

One of the benefits of playing so many turbos recently is that suckouts happen so often they become just another obstacle in the way of profits and don't feel quite as soul crushing.The turbo's are hard to guage.It's easy to say that the blinds go up so quickly that it's all down to luck and believe me when a cold run of 8-9 games hits then coming to the conclusion it's all luck is very easy.I reckon there is more skill in standard speed sng's but that the gap is not that big.Part of the reason ( apart from loving the action) I'm trying to focus on turbos is simply to make more money due to the shortened time the games take.From reading a few forums it seems the $22 sng's are not a huge step up and if I can show profit over a decent number of $11 sngs then I'm looking forward to giving them a try.Half the battle at $22 would be coping with a run of 0/10 in the money finishes but that's what a bankroll is for afterall.

I'm now only down $22 overall after 78 sng's at FT and $61 up from the 42 $11 games I've played which is quite pleasing after my terrible start there.I'm also enjoying mixing up my game a lot more over the last few months and not just sticking to the 6 max cash games.I'd be interested to read peoples opinions on what level of cash game equates to roughly the same sng buy in.

My strategy at the turbos is to play uber tight but be very aggressive when in a pot.I will limp with sooooted connectors and other lesser hands from late postion if
I'm given good pot odds but I mainly keep it tight and use that image to open out my game when the blinds go up when I can start stealing.

I wish Rangers would keep it tight ( esp in defence).We went down 1-0 away to Falkirk after a poor performance in terrible weather.Hummmf.

Righty thanks for reading.Time for Sunday dinner...


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