Monday, November 20, 2006

The lights are on...

Is the weekend over already? Saw 2 was great on Sat night though when Mrs A went to bed not long after I don’t think she appreciated hearing my dulcet tones on Skype as I chatted it up with Miami Mark and the s-man.She banged on the floor so loudly poor Nacho hid in the cupboard.He was nearly back in the cupboard yesterday when I jumped out my seat to celebrate Nacho Novo’s winning goal for Rangers v Hearts.Go on the Nacho man!

To the poker and I’ve been using Scurvydogs excellent tip to copy and paste Sharky stats into the player notes at FT as I try and scrape my way back to even after my 0/12 starting run there.I’ve now won three $11 turbos but unfortunately my overall losses at FT still amount to about $80 so not much overall progress.FT sng’s do seem far tighter than the ones at Pokerroom or Crypto sites and the standard appears to be higher too.So far there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the $5 and $11 level although I do have turbo action fever and haven’t played a standard speed sng for a long while.

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to focus on Sng’s but profit will have a large bearing on it.Variance is so high that it will require at least a 100 or so sng’s to have anything approaching meaningful stats on whether I can beat the $11 and upwards games.

I did venture to a Pokerroom full ring game to pass a little time and managed to pull back from the brink of losing another buy-in with QK.It was sooted this time ( can’t fold if soooted afterall) and I was in the cutoff and had limped.The button raised to $2 and I had almost persuaded myself to fold when a mid position player called the raise and I was getting 4-1 to call.I asked myself what kind of flop I was hoping for even at odds of 4-1 and to be honest the answer was a miracle one with 2 pairs ,trips etc so on reflection next time I’m laying it down.The flop came K 7 6 and instead of checking to the raiser,I bet half the pot ( $3) hoping to get him to lay down any pair under KK.He called and after a blank turn I led out for $5 and folded to his large reraise fearing mainly AA or AK,KK.Thankfully I did have the good sense to bail out as I had only been at the table a few minutes and had no reads but it shows how quickly a poor initial call can lead to losing a big pot.

I’ve mentioned hardly playing any cash games over the last few weeks and that may be about to change.I played a little 6 max $50 nl late on last night and it felt like I was back where I belonged.They say there are great cash game players and great tourney players but rarely do players excel at both.I’m not great at either but cash is where I’ve made my profits over the last two years and it maybe that is where my miniscule poker talents lie.

Tonight will be quiet,tomorrow night I hope to watch Miasdads team ,Manchester Utd , soundly thrash cel*ic in the Champions league,Wed night is Halo night ,Thursday it’s over to my see my old folks and Friday will take care of itself.

Just like last night it's about 4c in Glasgow and the wind is howling and the rain lashing down.It didn't stop 17000 mad Glaswegians from making their way to George Square just to see the Xmas lights getting switched on.17000 out in that horrendous weather? Aye,the lights are on but nobodys home.....


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