Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Small steps in the right direction

Big thanks to Klopzi for the comment/advice left on my last post.He suggested taking a little of my roll and moving up to put some fire back in my belly and I have to say that it is something I have to give serious consideration to doing.Why play $5 sng's all night whilst watching tv/surfing etc when I could play a couple of $22 sng's and really focus on them.I'm not even really sure what the sng equivalent of $50 nl 6 max is.I do know that even by making $2 profit for every $6 spent,I'm going to have to play 1/2 million games to become a dollar millionaire!

Tuesday night turned out much better than I could have hoped for at the tables after a poor start.I crashed out of my first $5 turbo sng and in the 2nd one we were down to the bubble with blinds of 400/800 when it folded round to me in the small blind.I had As9s,was in 3rd place and had quite a tight image.The 4th place player had 700 chips and would have been all in within the next two hands.Anyway I pondered for a moment and decided that it was worth a bet as the big blind had been fairly tight too and I didn't think he'd call unless he had a monster.He had KQ,called and hit which left me wondering why I didn't just fold into the money.

I moved to a Party 6 max $50nl cash table( $18 ave pot) and after getting blinded down to $47 ,I was dealt KhQc and called a $2 bet from the big stack ( $179) whom I'd seen win some big pots with some quite marginal hands.We both saw a flop of Jd Qs Ah, and as I was in the small blind I acted first and checked.He checked behind me and when a 4h came on the turn I decided to bet $3 with my nut flush draw and 2nd top pair.He only called and allowed me to make my flush on the river when the 8h fell.I bet $9 as a value bet and was amazed that the villian then chose to raise my bet to $40.I stared hard at the board,trying to work out what I'd missed.I've grumbled about my luck recently and a part ofmy brain had forgotten how good it feels to have someone raise my bet when I have the nuts.Nope the board wasn't paired and there was no straight flush so I reraised for his last $2 and he called with a horribly played set of queens.( he did have Qh though).

Last night I endured another awful Rangers performance at Ibrox as we went down 2-0 to a 1st division team in the cup.Only 31,000 ( better than TGU 18000 the night before ) turned up and I was one of only about 10000 left at the end.I never leave a game early and can't stand people who do go home before the games over but last night for once I really couldn't blame them.Where we go from here I'm not sure but the results and performances had better improve fast.

I began by bombing out of a 30 player $5 turbo sng before coming 3rd in a 10 seat turbo.I moved to a Party 6 max cash game and won a quick $15 before bed.Most of that $15 came from an odd hand where I called a small raise with 66,the flop was a 4 4 7 rainbow and when the villian made a weak bet post flop I called and when then checked and I'd checked behind after a blank turn card,I decided he probably just had a big Ace and when he checked to me on the river I bet out $7 and he called with his AJ!

After a poor run at the sng's it's the cash tables which have saved my bacon over the last week since I returned from Sunny Sharm and started my 3rd year of real money online poker.Without getting too precise I reckon I'm probably still down about $25 for the week but I'm at least feeling a bit better about the game.

Ok that's it for today...


At Friday, 10 November, 2006, Blogger Klopzi said...

Thanks for the props!

Good luck at the tables and have a great weekend.

At Friday, 10 November, 2006, Blogger United113 said...

Hi i enjoyed reading your blog.

I like playing sng's as well. I had a look round for the best sites for these and found my way to the Virgin Site. They do STT Challenges every few months, basically what this is is, you play your sng's as usual but you also gets points for each one you win(as well as the normal prize money) the most points at the end of the month wins WSOP seats or TV's or ipods etc,

Have a read of my blog, i did a bit on the STT challenges by virgin but it is goos, in the last few months playing $10 sng's, i have won entry into a side event at the WSOP next year and a 32" LCD TV.

Anyway good luck at the tables.

Nice blog

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello !

our third was born yesterday, so who knows how much ( if any ) time i'll have for poker :)

a thought has been running in the back of my mind for some time now .. anyone interested in a bloggers ? tourney or league type thing to be played to suit those of us on GMT ?

interested parties contact me deep fried spam (one word) lycos co uk .... smart people, u know where the dots and @ should go :))

sorry to hijack acorn hope u r interested

your friend and fellow EKok


At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Klopzi.Have a good one yourself.

Thanks for the comment United113.I will check your blog out and good luck with it and at the tables.

Congrats dD!You're going to be a busy man with three kids on the go!

I like your tourney idea.I reckon we have enough bloggers to give it a go if we can all agree on a site etc.I'm going to post shortly and mention it there.
All the best,


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