Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Postcard from Sharm

Having a fine time in sunny Sharm.Almost recovered from the zillion mozzy bites I got over the first couple of nights.I thought I'd escaped the bad beats for a while! ( actually the nearest I've been to poker was dreaming that some bassa beat my Kings with A6).Woke up well hacked off at that one!

It's certainly been a relaxing week so far and I feel as though it's taken almost the full first week to unwind completely.I've read Michael Craigs excellent book on the big games between Doyle n co and Andy Beal,Stu Ungars ultimately tragic tale,Irvine Welsh's new book ,a couple of football autobios and a book on serial killers.The hotel has a small book exchange and I plan on leaving the serial killer book with a note on one of the pages ,right after a really gruesome bit, reading "Be afraid,I know your room number"....

No poker but I did try and log onto Pokerroom only to freeze the hotel net terminal and worry that someone would raid my account if it unfroze!hmmmmmf.

I'd like to reflect more on the poker books I've read but at $2.50 per 1/2hr this aint the time! I will say that I've realised I lack "gamble" in my game.Reading about pro's like Jennifer Harman who tried and failed many times before making it at the highest level does motivate me to take more chances with my roll and my game.All poker players go broke all the time.Errrr not me so far and I'm not even sure that's a good thing anymore.

Still at least I've kept my promise to myself to play more sng's over the last few months and though I'm not making fortunes ( Sharkscope has me averaging $2 profit for every $6 spent),I've come to really enjoy playing sng's and will look to play more and take a small step up from the lowly $5-$6 level on a more regular basis when I get back.

Not much time to catch up on other blogs but did notice Juice's pokeredge link and though I'm not sure which sites it's rating my cash game on ( Laddys n Crypto are where I mainly play cash) I can't disagree with it's weak preflop /agg post flop analysis.At the mostly high average pot,6 max tables I play at that seems to work, though I realise I'd have to step up my preflop aggression bigtime at higher levels.
I probably do play quite a predictable game at Laddys 6 max $50 nl.It's just that the standard of opposition is so poor/unobservant that I can still win money with my style!

Okdokay, 12 mins left before it's back to the room to get ready for a night out in Namma Bay. " Engleesh Engleesh, cheap as chips" . "Naw we're Scottish". "Ahhh William Wallace bravheart". Should be fun!

A fine holiday and Rangers have won both games ( including a fine 3-2 win in Italy v Livorno).What more could an acorn ask for! ( a 6 max nl poker game???!).

Ok,that's probably it till I'm back on Nov 2nd.Thanks for reading and gl at the tables...


At Friday, 27 October, 2006, Blogger Dave said...

Hope you are enjoying your time away. I just got back from a trip myself but I at least was able to play poker from my hotel room.

Just curious if you pay for unlimited Sharkscope access. I use Sharkscope myself to track my SNG progress but I don't use it to look up how other players are. I've heard some people swear by Sharkscope to check out how tough their competition is. I guess the more information you have on your opponents the better right?

At Tuesday, 31 October, 2006, Blogger Jordan said...

Hey Acorn. I just posted about HUC3, and I think it'd be fun if we added an International element. Take a look and get back to me. I misplaced your email. Thanks.


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