Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things change

Began last night with Pokerrooms lucky dollar mtt as I reckoned if there was any tilt left in me then a $1 game was just place to donk off chips.Instead I folded several hands ( 33,k10 and j10 come to mind)which would have won huge pots but I kept my head and played my best game ,managing an itm 58th for a whopping $2.58 prize.I wasn't to bothered about the prize and was just happy that I seemed to have got my game back on track.

Next up was Inters $3k gtd and after winning one decent pot the deck went cold and only a few steals with hands like KQ kept me afloat until I pushed with 22 and ran into 55,to finish 101st.

A sensible person would have gone to bed but I decided to test the waters at Party's $50 nl 6 max tables for a while first.I'd folded my way down to $45 when I finally picked up a hand which hit the flop and held up,giving me a $12 profit and my cue to switch off,just happy to book a win.

I'm now down to my last $100 at Inter and will probably use that to play $10 sngs and the $3k gtd.Not much poker planned for tonight at Mark is arriving soon to continue our battle against the flood in Halo 2.

Bought a few books today for my hols and will be buying Ridge racer 2 for the psp when it comes out on Friday as the first one was a classic.

Not much else going on in Acorn land today.Just watched Scotland go down 2-0 to Ukraine away from home which aint great but wasn't exactly unexpected.Nacho will be staying at my Mum and Dads place for 1 week of our 2 week holiday so I'm taking him up to visit tomorrow night to get him more used to their place.

Also bought tickets for the theatre for Mrs A and I to go and see "Mrs Brown rides again".It's a comedy and we've seen the first two which were both excellent and this is the final run before another new "Mrs Brown" comes out next year.I have to say when my Mum told me ( she originally recommended it)it was about an Irish granny and her family ,I didn't think it would be my scene at all, but the guy who plays Mrs Brown,Brendan O'carroll,is great and his timing excellent.Roll on next Tuesday.

Ok here's another couple from the paper afore I go..

A CUMBERNAULD reader was watching the American Civil War film Sommersby about whether a wife would identify her husband returning from the war, when he idly turned to his wife and asked, if she ever got a call from the police to say they had a body in the morgue which might be her husband, how would she positively identify him over the phone.
"I would tell them you walked with a slight limp," she replied.

Bumper stickers continued. Sandy Lawson from Strathkinnes spotted in Colorado: "Maybe the Hokey Kokey IS what it's all about."

Thanks for reading and thanks to all who comment on this here blog.Much appreciated!


At Thursday, 12 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the competition like in the $3k Guarenteed Mr Acorn? I've started playing, well donating, at Sun Poker whiich is a Crypto skin and the $3k Guarenteed shows up in my lobby and I've thought about joining it a couple of times now.

Keep your eye out for me there, I go by YorkyPud.

Good luck at the tables

At Thursday, 12 October, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hey YP,the competition is usually fairly soft at the $3k imo.Less runners too since the barred US players so shortterm it's better value.

Maybe see you at the final table sometime...


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