Friday, October 06, 2006

TFI Friday!

Just aswell this is a poker blog or I’d be writing about the council that put a fence around a 50yr old pear tree just on the off chance that a pear fell off,hit someone and they got sued.I could be moaning about work and having to spend my days dealing with people who complain because the latest marketing brochure received says prices have been “slashed and shredded” and they find this language offensive….but you wont see that kind of drivel posted here!

I played a couple more turbos ( no itm’s ) with Miami Mark on Wednesday night and last night after working late I played a little and won a $5 sng at Laddys before sitting down at a $100nl full ring table and leaving $25 up after ½ hour of play.In the $5 sng I played it tight as usual and only played QQ ( twice ) and KK once before the money.

The QQ hand was funny because Juice and I had just had a chat where he asked what I would do in a cash game if I bet with QQ ,got reraised,reraised myself and was then put all in.We discussed how Phil Gordon says the 4th raise means Aces ( though at Laddys it can mean 83 sooted) so when I raised with QQ in the sng and Juice only flat called I reckoned I was good.When the flop came low and Juice bet out I was fairly sure I was ahead ( he had AJ) and put him all in.

The full ring table experience was actually quite enjoyable but that observation is probably entirely based on the fact I won a few pots.Full ring is certainly a lot less intense than my usual 6 max but after running quite badly at cash games recently,I’m not complaining about a more relaxed experience at the tables.

No major plans for the weekend ahead.Hope to take in the EK Thistle game tomorrow followed by watching the Scotland v France game afterwards.I doubt Scotland have much chance v the French and even a draw would be a great result.Looking forward to it though.

I quite fancy seeing that new film “The Departed” but it’s been a helluva week ( workwise) and I also fancy just sitting around chilling out this weekend.

Back on Sunday with more..


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