Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend has landed..

My sister called me today to ask me to let my poker friends know she has updated her site to thank everyone for their kind donations.

On the poker front I’ve not played an awful lot this week and reckon after a reasonable start I’m about $50 up.Began last night by coming 2nd in a £5 sng.I was put off a little by my 0/10 run at £5 sng’s a few weeks back but I’m thinking of giving them more of a shot again.

After donking out Inters $3k the other night I felt a lot more focussed last night, though I was a bit disappointed I didn’t push harder nearer the bubble. To be fair to myself it was a very aggressive table and the calling stations were out in force.I only played ( and won ) with AA and KK by level 4 and could count the total number of hands played on errrr one hand! My ducks were beaten by A10 to finally send my shortstack to the rail just 6 places out of the money.

I’m usually happy to get In the Money but after reading Ari’s blog and Tans recent post I can see the merits of pushing far harder around this time.Last night for example 31st-40th paid just less than the buy-in as prize money.Sure an “ITM” finish feels good and eases the brain pain of playing for hours in an MTT,but I’d rather be strong enough to accept finishing out of the money more often, if it meant more final table finishes, and more chance to actually make some real money.This is a concept I feel Rosie has grasped very well.I’ve been on the rail occasionally when she’ll make raises with hands like A10 late on in mtt’s that I would maybe shy away from due to being to keen to hold my position rather than push on and really go for it.Rosie also has a great sense of when to tighten up when required too, but I do like the fact she aint scared to make moves.( watch out USA!).

I think I’ve asked almost everyone if a $10 entry would be ok for the match v the USA and as most folk are fine with it I think we should go with it.It makes it a lot easier to set up a private tourney and of course without breaking the bank,it will increase the prize pool.Not sure on numbers yet but it will probably be either 9 aside or simply an open mtt with an even number ( to be confirmed) on each side.
Hopefully looking at 10pm UK time on Sun Oct 8th but I’ll confirm that after further consultation with Jordan.I notice when I logged into Ladbrokes last night that they are running a UK V Row mtt.I had to do a double take.Great idea Laddys!

I’ve also arranged a home game for next Friday night.( all bloggers n readers welcome!).My Mum,cousins and a few friends are coming round for a £10 freezeout sng.I’m also playing a live game with my cousin on Sunday at the Wabash club in Glasgow.It’s a £5 rebuy and hopefully I’ve adjusted to the structure a little better after playing in a it a couple of times now.I just made it into the money before but the really decent payouts start from 3rd upwards so I think I’ll take a few more chances this time.

I’ve enjoyed reading other bloggers views on where their poker blogging is heading.Scurvydogs post on the subject was great and really got me thinking.I’m currently rereading my 1989 diary ( "too much time wasted in private chat and attempts at flippancy" from my school reportthat year ) and really began my blog as my own record of my play and thoughts.Over a year and a ton of posts later, I can honestly say that it’s been well worth it on several fronts.Virtually meeting/chatting and playing with fellow bloggers has been great,the contributions to my sisters charity appeal bowled me over and recording my poker results in this space continues to keep my accountable to myself and anyone reading.

I agree entirely with Klopzi that the record keeping part wouldn’t work unless I was completely honest and I hope anyone reading would know by now that I tell it straight.After the end of my 2nd year(Oct 31st)of real money poker I'm considering posting my stats every two weeks to put less emphasis on the immediate short term and more focus on decisions.

As to where my poker is going I'm not very sure at all.I've been enjoying chatting it up recently with friends old and new but it's far more of a social proposition than an ev+ poker move.It is nice to share the bad beats though and as I've previously mentioned if I was purely driven by money I could double my salary doing overtime.( I am in on holiday Mon for 5 hrs at double time n half).

Looking forward to the weekend.Rangers go to the meccano dome for the first Old Firm game of the season tomorrow.Rangers haven’t had the best of starts under our new manager as he tries to make his mark on the team but a win tomorrow against the Orcs would be just what’s needed to kick start our season.It’s a 12.30 Kick off and the nerves are starting to build already.Just do it Rangers!

Have a good one...


At Friday, 22 September, 2006, Blogger Klopzi said...

Sounds like you're 2 year anniversary may give you the opportunity to refocus on your current goals and set the stage for some great new ones.

If in doubt, don't be afraid to take the leap of faith, no matter how big or small.

For me, jumping to the 3/6 limit games has done wonders for my outlook on poker.

Have a great weekend!

At Saturday, 23 September, 2006, Blogger Rosie said...

Thanks for the Big Up, I had forgotten I could play poker for a moment there!

I look forward to meeting the Murkins with you soon for a
"Hey, we can choose a great president, huh, how hard can poker be?" moment.

On a more serious note, I do agree that you may need to be a little more aggressive in tournaments. AA, KK,QQ,JJ are all very well and good , but you can't win a tourney just by playing them (though, how cool would that be?!).

Stay lucky my friend!

At Saturday, 23 September, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

Did you say graverson was a donkey?


At Sunday, 24 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too read Ari's blog and have started really pushing some marginal hands and draws harder around the bubble and it paid offin my first live MTT where I totally controlled my table before hitting the FT. The majority of people just cannot deal with very aggressive poker.

At Sunday, 24 September, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Klopzi- watch this space for exciting new goals...( or more of the same!)

Rosie- Your welcome and I will be trying to open my mtt game out bit more!

Juice- FU

yp- glad it's been working for you mate!


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