Sunday, October 01, 2006

Monthly stats( You can't always get what you want!)

Just back from Ibrox where Rangers beat Aberdeen 1-0 after Sebo scored in the last 5 mins.We dominated the game but after drawing 4 games with these scumbags last season we badly needed a win today.I say scumbags because their supporters resort to singing songs about the Ibrox disaster ( 66 died in 1971 after a huge crush on stairway 13) which sickens me to the core.There's a break now for international football with Scotland playing France at Hampden next weekend.

I managed to resist the lure of poker for a few hours last night and Mrs A and I watched Jarhead which I thought was good without being a classic.Mrs A's boy is a sniper with the British Army so it was good to get an insight into army life.( from the comfort of the couch!).

Handed over the tv remote and logged on to Party for a little pokery fun and despite a small losing session ,I felt more relaxed at the tables than I have for sometime.Moved to Pokerroom and played few wee turbo 30 player sngs with Miami Mark and bubbled in one and came 3rd in another.The bubble game was interesting in that I went out after ( the blinds were 500/1000) making an all in move to steal the bb with KQ ,only to get called by A4 and go out when we both missed the board.As is the case at the end of tourneys, I was counting more on what my opponent didn't have more than on what I had myself.The villian had been fairly tightish ( for a turbo) and unless he had a top 5 hand I didn't expect the call.I'd been stealing quite blatantly though ( exploiting everyones bubble fears as per earlier post) and I maybe need to be more aware that by that point I'd shed the tight image I'd built earlier in the game which allowed me to start stealing in the first place!

I did head back to Party and won a little back over 1/2 hr of play before bed.I do like the way Party software seems so quick compared to other sites.I'm usually silent in the chatbox but had a go back at one "table coach" who seemed to think I was playing like a maniac despite the fact I was seeing less flops than the table.I was trying to stick to a mostly raise or fold game preflop and when I did raise it was 6bb and he was obviously getting steamed.I enjoyed asking why such a great player like him was playing $50nl with a $13 buy-in and enjoyed it even more when he busted. ( "oooops, bye!")

To the stats: Ladbrokes $1483, Inter $197 , Pokerroom $1119 , Party $161.Total $2960 ( - $192 for week).

Total on August 31st $3082.Oct 1st total $2960.( - $122 for month).

$467 required to match last years profits but I think its counter productive to push too hard to achieve that so I'll simply play my game and see where that takes me till I go away on the 19th.

I only logged 20 hours of cash play last month which is far less than my usual 45-65 hours.When I include sng's and turbo games then the hours total probably hasn't changed much and whilst I'l always think of cash games as the foundation stone of my game,I am growing to like sng's more and more and as hinted at previously, when I return from my holidays and begin my 3rd year of real money play ,more sng's are on the cards.

Off to order tonights curry in...

Edit:asgbkajsbakjgdf!! Warning,bad beat ahead.Above stats ammended.hmmmf.

** Game ID 590431453 starting - 2006-10-02 01:04:09
** Barnsley [Hold 'em] (0.25|0.50 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- 104101 sitting in seat 1 with $76.83
- Acornman sitting in seat 2 with $52.20
- Ackedofilus sitting in seat 3 with $76.08 [Sitting out]
- sadsimba sitting in seat 4 with $93.90 [Dealer]
- steveray sitting in seat 5 with $50.77 [Sitting out]
- Crunsch sitting in seat 6 with $50.00 [Sitting out]

104101 posted the small blind - $0.25
Acornman posted the big blind - $0.50

** Dealing card to Acornman: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds
sadsimba called - $0.50
104101 called - $0.50
Acornman bet - $2.50
sadsimba raised - $4.50
104101 folded
Acornman raised - $10.50
sadsimba went all-in - $89.40
Acornman went all-in - $42.20

** Dealing the flop: Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts

** Dealing the turn: 8 of Spades

** Dealing the river: 10 of Hearts
Acornman shows: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds
sadsimba shows: Jack of Hearts, King of Hearts
sadsimba wins $104.90 from the main pot


At Monday, 02 October, 2006, Blogger TanOrpheus said...

On your bad beat : Sometimes you get what you want and it turns out it isn't what you need ;o)

At Monday, 02 October, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Aye thanks for those words of wisdom Tan....ya basssssssssa!!!

At Monday, 02 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn...reraises all in with KJ..
Follow that donkey around for life budm you'll get your cash back.

At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From an outsider looking in that is funny, WTF was he thinking? If it was live I'd have tipped the table over on his head! At least the donkies will be less now the states are no longer allowed to play :(

At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy Acorn

Do you or can you get rakeback at Ladbrokes? If so who do you use? Also, can you still play in $US there as my Neteller is set up in $US and I am looking for a new site to play on!

At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I would have deleted the beat if people hadn't commented on it! Done in the heat of the moment.Frustrating as he was a total maniac and I had patiently waited to take him out.Looking back now though it does seem funny though.

Ladbrokes is all in $ but I don't get rakeback :-(

At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi again

thought you'd got rid of me ?!

any news on us versus the USA ?

can they still play online at all ??

always nice to beat the sheep shaggers *)

fuk me, need another pseudonym for a signature


At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

re Onwards n Upwards

ek thistle ? showpark ?

surely u dont live in EK ??

fuk me, need another pseudonym for a signature



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