Monday, October 16, 2006

Charity Challenge Results

This post was going to read "Played last night,down about $50,that's it" but the last of the charity money has been paid in and instead of big moaning whiney post about why I feel I should have won last night,I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who donated to my sisters cancer charity sponsorship thingy.Thanks especially to the s-man for his generous donation which allowed myself,Rosie and
Miasdad to turn the £100 donation into a grand total of £163.

I dont consider myself a person who is easily impressed or moved by much but I can tell you that checking my sisters page almost daily and seeing yet another donation from another blogger really made my heart swell with pride at just what a fine wee community we have.Give yourselves a big pat on the back folks! Her site is open until the middle of Nov if anyone still wishes to give.The money is going to the Maggies Centres.

Ok,that's all for today! Theatre tomorrow night so maybe one last post on Wed before I go away....


At Tuesday, 17 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good result on the Charity Challenge! Worthy cause and happy to have been involved.

Thanks to Miasdad, Rosie & Acorn for taking time out of their own play to increase the stack size!

At Tuesday, 17 October, 2006, Blogger Iyad Atuan said...

Well, i am glad that someone is using their poker 'addiction' to something

I was planning to do a charity tournament here in toronto but i got too busy to organize it.

Check my blog about poker:



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