Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just 17

I made a whopping $17 net profit from my poker play last week, though after my midweek tilt, I suppose I should just be happy to come out on top.Last night was going along nicely until I hit a bit of a brick wall at Pokerrooms $10 turbos.A few beats and a few bad decisions, meant I went on a 0/7 Itm run, before eventually coming 2nd in the last one of the night.I even played a $22 sng at one point and went out on one of those hands nobody has any right to moan about, when I got it all in with AJ v AK,flopped a Jack then watched the river bring the King and my swift departure!

It leaves me the task of trying to win $129 over 3 nights play ( tonight,Mon and Wed) to equal last years profits.I'm tempted to play more $22 turbos and make a real push to try and get there, but in the grand ( or not so grand) scheme of things, I don't suppose it really matters too much if I make exactly the same profit as my first years play or not.It is a bit odd that over countless hours of play and variance that I'm probably going to finish with aprox the same profit as last year.Perhaps once I knew I was nearly there I've eased off a bit and taken less chances.Who knows!

Ladbrokes $1716 Inter $91 Party $219 Pokerroom $1272 ( + $17 for week) Total $3298.

Mrs A is working tonight and tomorrow night so I'm hoping to hit the tables after walking Nacho.Tues night is theatre night and ( have I mentioned I'm off on holiday?!!) Thursday morning we leave for Egypt.

I've bought a couple of movies to watch on my psp but I'm tempted to take my laptop so we can watch dvds on a 15.5" screen.It may be a 4 * hotel but it's very unlikely to have wireless broadband so I'll probably end up leaving it at home.Hmmm.

Ok,enjoy what's left of Sunday....


At Sunday, 15 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wouldn't stress too much about the figues mate...

and remember that you've varied your game more - i.e. more sng's!

apples and oranges?

At Monday, 16 October, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

Thats what i dont like about SNG's. One hand and youve lost your buy in and your righ to the money. At least with cash you can reload and go after them.


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