Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday update

Feeling a little tired today after staying up late last night to watch Floyd Mayweather win easily on points against Carlos Baldomir to take his record to 37 unbeaten although he says he will retire after his next fight,hopefully v De La Hoya.

Before the fight I was in my own battles with the variance gods at the poker tables.The bottom line is that the turbos were a struggle again and I got a bit lucky at a cash table.The luck came at a Party $50nl 6 max table when I reraised a $1 bet to $5 with QQ and was surprised to get 4 callers including the original bettor.The flop came 10 10 5 and I was first to act with the pot aprox $20 ish I thought that unless anyone had the 10 then my hand was good so I bet $24 only to face a masive reraise all in from the original raiser.Apart from JJ/99/88 and hands like AK/AQ there wasn't much I could beat but I made the call,the villian showed A10 and I was rather pleased to see a Queen fall on the river to give me a rather juicy pot.

The $10 turbos weren't as kind to me though as I ran JJ into KK ,QQ into AA and had my AJ snapped off by A7 and my AK murdered by 76 sooted.I did manage to wind up one clown who reckoned that Pokerroom has been rigged since the US laws changed.He started his latest bad beat tale in the chat box and didn't like my "yawn" reply.Mind you I haven't had a great run at the $10 turbos over the last week so maybe he has a point.(hehe).

I checked my Sharky stats for $10 sngs and although it's only a small sample ,I'm still slightly ahead ( 47 games,$108 profit) which I didn't expect but does give me some confidence after a fairly poor run.

No weekly stats but overall I reckon I'm down about $25 overall since Thursday night.I'm probably still a little rusty after my break but I may also be guilty of pushing a bit too hard at times.Past profits do not mean there's any kind of entitlement to make money every time I sit down.It's obviously not wrong to be confident and have a reasonable expectation but poker isn't a game where determination and force of will are enough.It's far more subtle than that.

Just watched Rangers go down 2-1 to Dundee Utd after blowing a 1-0 lead.It's a pity team didn't show the determination and will to win I mentioned in my last paragraph.Yeah my team lose and it's back to work for me tomorrow.Aint life a cher of bowlies...


At Monday, 06 November, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

Hello Acorn,

I was reading scott fischmans book today and came across some advice i thought you might like

"My number one tip for aspiring players is to create desire when you get bored. Find somethign that is happening in whatever facet of the game you are involved in at that moment of boredom, which leads to stagnancy which leads to burnout.

Also do not dwell on your mistakes: learn from them, and try to attach much more weight to how well your opponent played than your mistake. it is fundemental in poker that you must create situations where your opponent is put into difficult spots, so he is more likely to make a msitake. finding out what your opponent did that caused you to make a mistake wioll give you a chance to turn that mistake into a learning experience, one that you probablu can use directly against future opponents who have a skill level similar to yours."
Darrell dickens

At Tuesday, 07 November, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Good advice Juice.


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