Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday stats

Played a ton of $11 turbo sng's and some cash games and despite the fact I lost most of my winnings from Friday night,I enjoyed hitting the tables with Miami Mark and S-man.Luck continues to desert me on a regular basis however and last nights creme de la creme was at one of the $11 sng's, when my bullets were cracked by someone who raised with 103 off suit from under the gun,called my large reraise and hit both a ten on the flop and a 3 on the turn to send me packing.nh sir!( ya feckin tosspot!)

I don't usually chat much at the table but when I called down a players river bet with AK ( Ace high on a blank looking board),he showed the same hand and said "nice call",I had to reply with "Easy call,it's like the muppet show at this table".Got a laugh from it, but whilst I called because I felt Mr Nice Call had missed the board too,I wish I had gone with my instinct that he was weak and made a large reraise instead of taking the safe option.

I've now played 101 sng's at FT and have made a whopping $57.Sixty sng's at $11 have yielded $130 so I think I need to avoid the $5 sharks and stick to $11!After 101 games I'm starting to see a few regulars and that can only help.I'm not sure if FT's latest sofware update had made a difference but my notes on players seem to be working now.Scurvydogs tip of copy/pasting the villians sharky notes into the player notes section and allocating a colour based on the whether the villain wins or loses seems to be working now,which is nice.

I am enjoying my recent foray into the world of sng's but I still find it a lot easier to immerse myself in the game when it's 6 max cash or a $22 sng.Could I focus a lot more when I'm at the table? Yes,without a doubt.Poker Indicator is useful for opponents stats and of course PT is essential at cash games ( aint that right YP?!)but I could certainly be doing with paying more attention to the games I'm in, as every piece of info on the table may be useful at some point, and could make the difference in a seemingly marginal situation.Maybe paying too much attention and having notes on all players like "raised 4bb with aq but laid down on non Ace flop" etc would just serve to distract me from the general job of tuning into the table or maybe it would give me an extra edge but hey I'm a lazy git....

Ok here's my latest stats... Party $231, Full Tilt $364, Pokerroom $794 and Ladbrokes $621. Total $3010 ( -$32 since Nov 26th).


At Sunday, 10 December, 2006, Anonymous Yorkshire Pudding said...

No Acorn,what gives you the impression I think Poker Tracker is essential? LMFAO!!!!!

At Monday, 11 December, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Call it a hunch YP ;-)


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