Thursday, December 14, 2006

Durty bassa's

Just a short one today because I'm leaving for the Rangers game in 1/2 hr and have still to eat my dinner.

Last night was Half-life 2 night and Mark and I suffered another downswing when the damn game froze after an hours play.We were stuck treading water and had to restart.It felt like being on the end of a 2 outer,only cheaper.

I decided on a couple of $10 turbo's at Pokerroom before bed and was cruelly rivered in both several times.It was so bad other player were discussing it in the chat box!
No complaints though because the play was far looser than the same sng at Full Tilt.Obviously all sng's are unique but Pokerroom does seem to be softer than Full tilt at present.

Ok a few moans before I go today.Why do people pick their noses and rub the contents on the toilet cubicle walls at work? It's disgusting and shooting would be too good for the culprits.

Why did want me to tell that fat actor from Titanic ( di caprio) what differences I feel I can make to the planet to make it greener.( on yahoo homepage yesterday).A complete waste of time.

Why do I always get stuck behind some slow mo-fo when I'm driving home from work in a hurry?!

Ok the microwave has pinged...


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